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ECR / Focus, Issue 3, Spring 2001

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Welcome to the third edition of Sharp Focus.
The star of the show is the Sharp Smart
Card, a cashless system that has impressed
the PM and a host of hospitality and leisure
experts. Speak to your Sharp representative
to find out more about how you can max-
imise this stunning technology.
Thanks to CCM for their help with our head-
line story.
Our representatives will travel anywhere, any-
time, anyplace to help you build your business
– as you can discover on page 2.
This issue also features two case histories, evi-
dence of dealers optimising their relationship
with Sharp as together we focus on solutions.
I’d like to thank Asset Retail Systems and
Check Out for their contributions.
Enjoy this edition and don’t forget to con-
tribute. Coverage enhances your profile
when you’re selling yourself to customers. If
you have any interesting sites or news you
want to share with us, please do not hesi-
tate to contact me. I look forward to hearing
from you.
Issue No.3 Spring 2001
Welcome to
A ‘cut throat’ business!
See page 2
Anytime, anywhere,
See page 2
A smart card cashless system that exclusively interfaces with Sharp products has been given the thumbs up by Prime
Minister, Tony Blair. The Sharp Educational Smart Card system in his Sedgefield constituency is the latest boost for the
market leading technology, which is available to the Sharp dealer network. 
for the Sharper, Smart Card
Tomorrow’s World, ITN and BBC news and
GM Breakfast television have all high-light-
ed this innovative cashless system. 
Co-ordinated by CCM (South West) Ltd of
Taunton in conjunction with Sharp and
Premier Retail Systems, an interface allows
the smart card microchip technology to be
read by a “Sharp” cash register or EPoS ter-
Initially focusing on schools, the system is
suitable for a wide array of hospitality and
retail industries, ranging from breweries and
nightclubs to hospitals, police authorities
and law courts like the Old Bailey.
“This is a prime example of Sharp working
closely with a supplier to empower our
dealer network to offer clients better, more
efficient, cost effective solutions,” com-
mented Jeff Griffiths, Sharp’s ECR/EPoS
Divisional Manager.  
A simple operation at the point of sale
loads the card with pre-payments, which
are used to purchase goods or services on
an ongoing basis. Once funds run low the
system flags the need to replenish the card. 
In-built security features – ‘hot-listing’ lost
or stolen cards and automatic balance
transfers to replacements  - are standard.
Programming the user’s name or incorpo-
rating a signature or photo ID further
enhances the product proposition.
Loyalty and marketing functions enable the
system to track and reward cardholders.
“One of the many benefits of this technolo-
gy is its incredible flexibility. Sharp dealers
have a diverse range of application require-
ments and the Sharp smart card system is
suitable across the board,” commented
CCM’s Mark Saunders.
“For example, in the school sector, the card
is used for meals, access control, registra-
tion programmes, library systems, photo-
graphic ID and photocopying.”
A giant-sized Smart Card is the star attraction as Prime
Minister Tony Blair poses for the media alongside British
Gas’s Dick Vinnix, Brigette Batty from Marks & Spencer
and excited local school children in Sedgefield, Durham.
Smartcard system installed by CCM.
Smart Card
a totally cashless way to purchase
goods and services
pre-paid at POS 
able to store information to control
spending and encourage activity
multi-functional across all hospitality
and retail industries
exclusively linked to  Sharp products
using Sharpsoft’s Smartcard Manager
used for loyalty and promotional
fully-backed by Sharp & CCM, with
data cable installation, hotline and
system implementation team support
a proven success in schools and uni-
a great way to enhance your portfolio
liked by Tony Blair – and a lot of
astute hospitality and retail
experts like Chartwells,
the University of
Manchester and
Invicta Retail Systems – originally established in 1972 selling cash control machines – is
enjoying a double celebration as the company has undergone a change of ownership
along with a major refurbishment of its head office and showroom in the South of England.
Led by Malcolm Hall (Chairman), Steve Boyes (Managing Director), Michael Boyes (Sales
Director), and Dave Voss (Technical Director), the 13-strong team, based in Ramsgate, is con-
centrating its business on the development and integration of EPoS system solutions.
One major success is securing the estate management system for half a dozen presti-
gious County Inns and Restaurant sites. The extensive office refit portrays a profes-
sional image and a light, airy working environment.
(1) Driving forward to accelerate business growth are
(left) Steve Boyes, Managing Director, and Michael
Boyes, Sales Director. 
(2) Sharp branding is prominent in the refitted showroom.
(3) On-line telephone support is key to the Invicta propo-
(4) All together now – the office staff take time out from
the busy day to pose for the camera. From left to right,
Michael Boyes, Neil Mitchell (Software Engineer),
John Yates (SupportTeam), Julie Hulks (Admin Team),
Steve Boyes, Barbara Borrington (Admin Team) and
Anne Hollett (Accounts).
One of the
many benefits of
this technology
is its incredible
Mark Saunders, C C M
We’re always pleased to hear from you so do not hesitate
to drop me a line by e-mail [email protected],
write or telephone 0161 204 2677
Sharp took its message to the hospi-
tality industry when it was one of
the most prominent exhibitors at
Hospitality Week at the NEC,
Birmingham. The ECR/EPoS division,
represented by New Business
Development Manager, Léonie
Brown (below), was complemented
by a whole host of compatible Sharp
products, ranging from LCD,
microwaves and EPoS. Léonie was
impressed by the interest shown in
Sharp, especially the growing per-
ception of the company as a solu-
tions provider.
Brilliant Bash!!
‘A brilliant bash’ was the consensus of the 11
Sharp dealers who took to the ocean waves
on the cruise ship, Majesty of Seas, to sail
around the Bahamas. Hosted by ECR/EPoS
Divisional Manager Jeff Griffiths, Sales
Representative Hilary Butler and
Information Systems (IS)
Marketing Director Mr
Takashi Tani, the group
took time out from a busy
schedule to pose for a
team shot (top right)
while Mike Miles from
Addwell Business
Equipment con-
firms even
can be
a cut
We’ll miss you!
Forget the hype around the Madonna-
Guy Ritchie wedding in Inverness –
the big event in the town was the
retirement of Bert Cowie of
Inverness Cash Registers and the
company’s annual golf day on the
north east coast of Scotland.
ECR/EPoS Divisional Manager,
Jeff Griffiths, says his goodbyes
on the recent trip to the Bahamas
– and thanks him for that tip on
the 18th fairway. The tip – don’t
put the ball in the bunker.
GS Systems thanked Sharp’s ECR/EPoS
division for helping make the Dome proj-
ect such a great success. Sales and
Marketing Director Niels Nielsen pre-
sented limited edition Millennium Dome
gold coins to Sharp’s Divisional Manager,
Jeff Griffiths and Paul Burton. “Jeff’s was
a big thank you to the entire team and
Paul received his as a special thanks for
all his hard work alongside our own engi-
neers throughout the project,” 
ed Niels.
Best wishes to Barry Job
from Asset Retail
Systems, who will be
entering his second
London Marathon on
April 22nd. A picture
and details of how he
got on will be in the next
issue of Sharp Focus.
Sharp Electronics (UK) Limited, Sharp House, Thorp Road, Newton Heath, Manchester M40 5BE, UK. Freephone 0800 262958 Fax: 0161 204 2243.
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1 798 88
Q1: What is your job title?
A1: Account & Support Executive (North)
Q2: What are your specific job responsi-
A2: To support the Northern dealers and
provide a way for Sharp to facilitate
further sales by offering dealers an
extra level of support.
Q3: How long have you been with Sharp?
A3: 17 years
Q4: What did you do before joining
A4: Hotel management and sales
Q5: How does your relationship with
dealers work?
A5: I am closely involved on a day-to-day
basis when there is a big project. As
new products are introduced into the
Sharp range I work closely with the
dealers to ensure they become com-
pletely confident with the product
and communicate
the considerable benefits to
their clients .
Q6: What does a typical day involve?
A6: The day can greatly vary depending on
what is thrown at me. I could be travel-
ling to Inverness, troubleshooting on a
site or be in the office dealing with any
issues that may arise. Whatever I am
doing, the focus is on helping the deal-
er run their business and specific proj-
ects more effectively. 
Q7: What is the most interesting or chal-
lenging project that you have
worked on?
A7: Each new product that comes along,
learning about them and translating
that into the most suitable environ-
ment. It’s interesting to see how the
products have developed over the
years with technological advances.
Q8: Finally, what is your best tip for deal-
ers to increase sales.
A8: Dealers should keep abreast of tech-
nology and make sure that it is they
who lead the customers rather than
the other way round.
Spotlight on
Christine Rhodes
Christine Rhodes
One daughter
Mountain biking, skiing,
walking – and flying
Sharp’s recently released ER-A450S
low cost scanning ECR terminal is ideal
for small retail stores requiring one
terminal - and can be networked for
future expansion as a business grows.
Channel Island EPoS specialists, Check Out,
is headed by two EPoS professionals, Phil
Breakspear and Sean Sargeant, who look
after business on Jersey and Guernsey,
respectively. Here Phil explains why cus-
tomer care really counts. 
All the islands have close-knit business
Q1 Who is the client and what do they do?
A1 The client is Puccino’s Ltd and they are
a multi-sited specialty café bar business.
A2 Rapid expansion from five managed
sites in the London area to currently 45
mainly franchised sites nationally,
incorporating 10 licensed restaurants,
29 railway takeaways, and six high
street takeaways.
Q3 What were they trying to achieve?
A3 Consistency, a professional image and
control over nationwide sites by consol-
idating and analysing sales informa-
tion centrally.
Q4 What was the solution you recom-
A4 Our solution revolves around  Sharp
UP3300 Touchscreen Terminals with
integral UPT80BP printers, Epson
TMU210D remote printers in the kitchen
at the restaurants, and linking via
modem to Acme Retail Control Software
(owned and distributed by Asset Retail
Systems) at their Head Office.
Q5 Are they pleased with the result?
A5 Yes
Q6 What did the project actually involve?
A6 Producing a suitable program on the
UP3300, both for takeaway sites and
restaurants, to accommodate all fran-
chises despite minor differences
between them. The first (test) site we
installed was their Richmond Café Bar
in March last year. After a successful
installation and link back to head
Q7 What future developments are
A7 Puccino’s plan to continue their growth
at this fast pace for the foreseeable
future with restaurants currently
planned for Maidenhead, Birmingham,
Covent Garden, Sevenoaks and Railway
Station Takeaways at Teddington,
Earlsfield and Fleet.
Q8 Any problems/interesting solutions
needed for this specific job?
A8 Selling the solution to some of the fran-
at Ocean
Puccino’s is a fast moving café bar business operating on high streets, railway stations and
on board trains across the UK.  The company’s motto – good coffee, fresh food, and a pas-
sion for serving human beings – has served the company well as it has grown over the last
five years. Asset Retail Systems has joined Puccino’s on the journey. Here, Cathy Bradley,
Asset Retail Systems’ customer services manager responsible for programming, installation,
training and project management, discusses the project.
Sharp’s commitment to its dealers is epitomised by Christine Rhodes taking to the air to visit
the Puffin pub in St. Kilda in the remote outer Hebridies. Access was by helicopter only, a
nerve-wrecking assignment for anyone who hasn’t flown by chopper before. A refreshing drink
in the bar of the ‘Puff’, as locals affectionately know it, calmed post-flight nerves, although
Christine relished the challenge of the flight.
London-based Asset Retail Systems,
founded in 1984 by soon to retire
Managing Director Ken Player, believes
in utilising “old fashioned service – mod-
ern technology” to provide a total solu-
tion.  That proposition has proved attrac-
tive to a diverse range of clients includ-
ing Tate Publishing at Tate Britain and
Tate Modern, Puccino’s, Madisons Coffee,
John Lewis Coffee Shops, Sainsbury’s
Savacentre Restaurants, Jarvis Hotels,
Royal Festival Hall, Fenwick Department
Stores, The Battersea Dog’s Home,
Journeys Friend and Rollover.
Sharp Focus takes a look at a fast-track fresh coffee and
food retail concept and another that controls the Ocean.
Barry finishing the 1999 Race
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