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GENERAL (serv.man35)
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ECR / Break Error Message Description

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Break Error Messages
The Break Error message appears as a result of the monitor program finding
an error.
The monitor program is part of the operating program, which monitors the
system operation.
The break error is intended to keep disruption to a minimum as well as
preventing erroneous machine operation such as unreliable printing, because
there is a delay in the monitor detecting the problem and printing the message
the message will not indicate the direct cause of the break.
Release of Break Error State
1.  Turn power off wait 3 seconds then return power.
Almost any of the break error states can be reset using this method.
2.  In case the above does not reset the state then a SRV program Reset
should be tried.
3.  When the Break error is reset successfully by the above states then you
should perform the FULL ITEM RESSETTING under both X1/Z1 and
4.  After the Break message a MRS should be performed and the machine
Main causes of Break Error
1.  Improper mounting of optional ROM or RAM.
2.  Eventual contact failure
 between Option device and main PWB.
3.  Power Supply. If the power supply becomes unstable “spikes” can cause
corruption to the memory routine.
4.  Hardware failure (incidental).
5.  Incorrect Service line codes.
Example-1 Entry of a numeric value that is not applicable for the box.
Example-2 The respective option device or ROM has not been fitted even
when the configuration has been set to Enable.
6.  Absence of require ROM chip in its socket or wrong chip in that socket.
7.  Incompatible Firmware. The ROM versions in the ECR/EPoS must be
compatible for example if the Standard ROM  is Euro type then the Option
control ROM should also be Euro type.
8.  Loading of abnormal data during upload from a PC or another

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