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ECR / The O-P figure explanation

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O-P Explained
There have been a number of instances where customers have queried the
O-P figure that appears on X/Z reports.
O-P is an abbreviation for Ordered minus Paid.
The figure will appear when there is a difference between what has been
ordered on an ECR and what has been paid for on that same ECR.
Some examples
When a GLU is opened and the Balance is laid away without cashing it of
then there will be a difference of what has been Ordered and what has been
On a networked system if a transaction is started on one machine but paid off
on a different machine then the 2 machines will have an O-P figure on their
One machine will have a positive O-P because the goods were ordered but
not paid, and the other machine will have a negative O-P because the goods
were not ordered there but were paid off there.
Similarly to the above scenario if a transaction is laid away on one machine
and then picked up and finalised on a different machine, this will also create P
The O-P figure is reset to zero after a Z1 report.
If there were a GLU opened but not finalised this would create an O-P figure.
This O-P figure would be printed and then be reset by the Z1 report.
Therefore the next Z1 report could have a zero O-P figure.
The GLU transaction could now be recalled and finalised.
This would create a negative O-P figure on the report.

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