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6) Attach the rear cover.
Attach the rear cover to its original position and secure it with the
screw (M4 
× 12).
7) Return the copier to the normal orientation.
When returning the copier to the normal orientation, gently return
it without giving a shock.
8) Insert the DV cartridge into the copier.
Open the bypass tray, side cover, and front cover, and insert the
DV cartridge. Then, close the front cover, side cover, and bypass
9) Remove the paper tray lock for packing.
Remove the paper tray lock for packing that secures the turning
plate in the paper tray by rotating it in the direction of the arrow
and store it in the specified position.
10) Set the paper tray side guide.
Squeeze the lever of the paper tray side guide to slide the guide
to the position for the paper size to be used.
11) Load paper into the paper tray.
When loading paper, do not exceed the maximum height line.
12) Remove the optical locking screw and fusing unit packing lever so
that the copier is ready.
13) Insert the power plug into the outlet and turn the main switch to
the  “ON” position. Then, perform the following procedure.
14) Perform SIM setting.
Execute simulation [3] of [26] and enter [1].
15) Check the center displacement.
Place an original on the document glass and make a copy using
the tray in the copier.
Then, make a copy using the tray in the installed optional paper
feed unit.
If the center of the copy from the optional paper feed unit is dis-
placed from the copy from the tray in the copier, adjust the cen-
ter referring to the service manual.
Paper guide (A)
Paper guide (B)
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