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10) Attach the fax PWB.
While ensuring that the connector of the fax PWB is securely
connected to that of the copier, attach the fax PWB to the PWB
cover with seven screws (M3 
× 6) and connect the relay harness
Connect the relay harness to the connector of the fax PWB.
(Connect the connectors by aligning the black lines.)
11) Attach the PWB cover.
Attach the supplied PWB cover with five screws (M3 
× 6).
12) Attach the rear cabinet.
<1> Hang the four pawls shown in the illustration below on the
<2> Push down the actuator of the sensor unit.
<3> Position the cabinet to the upper screw positions.
<4> Ensure that the actuator is inserted into the square hole of the
Note: While pushing down the actuator of the sensor unit, attach
the rear cabinet so that the actuator is inserted into the hole
of the rear cabinet.
13) Attach the cover to the rear cabinet.
<1> Align the arrow marks as shown in the illustration.
<2> Then slide the cover to the left.
<3> Secure the cover with a screw.
14) Attach the SPF to the copier.
Attach the SPF by inserting the hinge guide sections of the FX3
into the hinge guides L and R.
15) Stick the label to the rear cabinet.
After installing the FAX expansion kit in the machine, please put
the registration label, packed with the kit, on the prescribed loca-
∗ For the details,refer to the AR-FX3 Installation Manual.
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