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13) Attach the SPF to the copier.
Attach the SPF by inserting the hinge guide sections of the SP3
into the hinge guides L and R.
14) Insert the power plug into the outlet and turn the main switch of
the copier to the “ON” position.
15) Perform SIM setting.
Execute simulation [2] of [26] and enter [1].
16) Check the ON/OFF operation of the open detection sensor and
book detection sensor.
Execute simulation [2] of [2] and check that the indicator on the
operation panel lights up and goes out by opening and closing
the SPF. When the book detection sensor is turned ON/OFF, the
drum replacement lamp is turned ON/OFF accordingly.
17) Check the copy ratio, and then check the center displacement and
leading edge image void.
Place an original on the document glass and make a copy.
Then, place an original in the document feeder tray and make a
If the center of the copy from the document glass is displaced
from the copyfrom the document feeder, adjust the center refer-
ring to the service manual.
2. AR-FX3 Installation Manual
Turn the main switch to the “OFF” position and remove the power plug
from the outlet.
1) Remove the document cover and the rear cabinet.
After removing the document cover, remove the four screws and
then remove the rear cabinet.
Circuit standard label, 1 sheet
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