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2) Remove the Mylar sheet from the rear cabinet.
Remove the Mylar sheet that covers the hole for the actuator of
sensor unit.
3) Remove the hinge guides L and R.
Remove the screws (two for each) and then remove the hinge
guides L and R.
4) Attach the hinge guides L and R.
Attach the hinge guides L and R by fitting the pawls (two for
each) into the frame of the copier and secure them with the two
screws (M3 
× 8) for each that have been removed in step 2.
5) Remove the securing tape of the relay harness and connect the
harness to the sensor unit.
Remove the tape that secures the harness.
Then connect the connector of the relay harness to the supplied
sensor unit.
6) Attach the sensor unit.
While pushing up the sensor unit fully, secure it to the PWB
holder with a screw (M3 
× 8).
7) Replace the line cover.
Remove the two screws, replace the line cover that has been at-
tached at shipping with the supplied line cover, and secure it with
the two screws.
8) Place the SPF on the copier.
9) Connect the SPF to the copier with the SPF relay harness.
<1> Fit the snap band to the position shown in the illustration.
<2> Remove the screw that secures the PWB holder and tighten
the ground wire together with the PWB holder.
<3> Secure the relay harness with the harness clamp.
<4> Connect the connector.(Connect the connectors by aligning
the black lines.)
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