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4. AR-PG1
A. Installation Manual
Turn the main switch to the “OFF” position and remove the power plug
from the outlet.
1) Remove the cover of the rear cabinet.
Remove the screw, slide the cover in the direction indicated by
the arrow, and remove the cover of the rear cabinet.
2) Remove the PWB cover.
<1> Loosen the screws that secure the PWB cover.
<2> Push up the PWB cover and
<3> Rotate it counterclockwise to remove it.
3) Attach the GDI interface PWB.
Fit the connector of the GDI PWB into the mounting position of
the copier, secure the side A with three screws, and then secure
the front B with two screws.
4) Attach the GDI harness.
Attach the GDI harness so that the blue lines face forward and
also face toward the GDI interface side.
Note: Be careful about the direction of the blue lines.
5) Attach the PWB cover.
<1> Before attaching the PWB cover, hold down the GDI harness
in the direction A in the illustration below.
<2> Fit the upper part of the PWB cover to the upper screw that
has been loosened in step 2 above.
<3> While rotating the lower part of the PWB cover clockwise, fit
it to the lower screw.
<4> Tighten the upper and lower screws to secure the cover.
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