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2. Installation
(1) Using desoldering braid, remove the solder from the
foil of each pin of the flat pack-IC on the CBA so you
can install a replacement flat pack-IC more easily.
(2) The “ ” mark on the flat pack-IC indicates pin 1. (See
Fig. S-1-7.) Be sure this mark matches the 1 on the
PCB when positioning for installation. Then presol-
der the four corners of the flat  pack-IC. (See Fig. S-
(3) Solder all pins of the flat pack-IC. Be sure that none
of the pins have solder bridges.
Example :
Pin 1 of the Flat Pack-IC
is indicated by a " 
   " mark.
Fig. S-1-7
Flat Pack-IC
Fig. S-1-8
Instructions for Handling
Electrostatic breakdown of the semi-conductors may
occur due to a potential difference caused by electrostatic
charge during unpacking or repair work.
1. Ground for Human Body
Be sure to wear a grounding band (1M
Ω) that is properly
grounded to remove any static electricity that may be
charged on the body.
2. Ground for Workbench
Be sure to place a conductive sheet or copper plate with
proper grounding (1M
Ω) on the workbench or other
surface, where the semi-conductors are to be placed.
Because the static electricity charge on clothing will not
escape through the body grounding band, be careful to
avoid contacting semi-conductors with your clothing.
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Grounding Band
Conductive Sheet or
Copper Plate
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