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Components identified by the international symbol 7 have special characteristics important for safety.
When replacing any of these components, use only the manufacturer's specified ones.
Important Safety Notice
■ Notes
1. HOT and COLD indications
  The power circuit board contains a circuit area using a separate power supply to isolate the ground connection.
  The circuit is defined by HOT and COLD indications in the schematic diagram. Take the precautions below:
2. This schematic diagram is the latest at the time of printing and the subject to change without notice.
■ Precautions
1. NEVER touch the HOT part or the HOT and COLD parts at the same time, or you may get an electric shock.
2. NEVER short-circuit the HOT and COLD circuits, or the fuse may blow and the parts may break.
3.  NEVER connect an instrument such oscilloscope to the HOT and COLD circuit simultaneously, or the fuse may blow. 
Connect the ground of instruments to the ground of the circuit being measured.
4. MAKE SURE to unplug the power cord from the power outlet before removing the chassis.
5. Be sure to make your orders of replacement parts according to parts list section.
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