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3. Serial no. writing
3.1. Tools and preparation
1. Computer : Used for serial no. writing
2.  Communication cable : D-sub 9pin (female/female RS-232C straight)
3. Software : SerialNoMoveTool_v102.exe, download from service web site.
4. Extract the software to your favorite directory on your computer. 
5.  Connect the serial terminal (SERIAL-IN) and PC with an RS-232C cable.
3.2. Writing procedure
1.  Take a note of serial no. printed on the rating label of the back 
2.  Turn the Display on and start the writing tool [SerialNoMoveTool_
v102.exe] with administrator rights.
3.  Choose available COM port and baudrate: 9600 with pull down 
menu and click [OK]. 
4. Click [Check].
   The serial no. set on the board will appear on the text box.  
   The "---------" will appear in case of a new board supplied as ser-
vice parts.
  Note:  If some sort of serial no. appears, the serial no. has been set 
on the board once. In this case, it cannot overwrite existing 
serial no.
5. Enter the serial no. taken in step1 and click [Write].
   The another confirmation window will appear and then click [Yes] to 
execute the writing.
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