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Before starting adjustment
(The same model of the same destination)
After the EVR data is saved and downloaded, check the
respective items of the EVR data.
(Refer to page 6-2 for the items to be checked.)
EVR Data Re-writing Procedure When Replacing Board
The data that is stored in the repair board, is not necessarily correct.
Perform either procedure 1 or procedure 2 or procedure 3 when replacing board.
Procedure 3
When the data cannot be saved due to defective EEPROM, or when the EEPROM cannot be removed or in-
stalled, save the data from the same model of the same destination, and download it.
Save the EVR data
to a personal computer.
Download the saved
data to a machine.
Procedure 1
Save the EVR data of the machine in which a board is going to be replaced.  Download the saved data after a
board is replaced.
(Machine after a board is replaced)
(Machine before starting repair)
(Former board)
(New board)
Procedure 2
Remove the EEPROM from the board of the machine that is going to be repaired.  Install the removed EEPROM
to the replaced board.
Remove the EEPROM and install it.
Download the data.
Save the data.
(Machine to be repaired)
(Machine to be repaired)
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