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Preparing the Flash Adjustment Box
A dark room is required to provide an accurate flash adjustment.
If it is not available, prepare the flash adjustment box as given
1) Provide woody board A, B and C of 15 mm thickness.
2) Apply black mat paint to one side of woody board A and B.
3) Attach background paper (J-2501-130-A) to woody board C.
4) Assemble so that the black sides and the background paper
side of woody board A, B and C are internal. (Fig. 6-1-7)
Fig. 6-1-6
Fig. 6-1-7
woody board A (2)
400 mm
woody board B (2)
370 mm
woody board C (1)
700 mm
513 mm
513 mm
700 mm
700 mm
730 mm
woody board A
woody board B
woody board B
woody board C
woody board A
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