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 Outer Case
  Wipe off dirt and dust using a soft dry cloth.
  •  If the dirt is persistent, soak the cloth with water and wring it thoroughly before wiping. Dry off the projector with a 
dry cloth.
  •  Do not use benzene, thinner, or rubbing alcohol, other solvents, household cleaners, or chemical treated dusters. 
Using them may cause deterioration of the outer case.
 Front glass surface of the lens
  Wipe off the dirt and dust off the front surface of the lens with soft clean cloth.
  •  Do not use a cloth that has an abrasive surface or a cloth that is moist, oily, or covered with dust.
  • Do not use excessive force when wiping the lens as it is fragile.
The lens is made of glass. Impacts or excessive force when wiping may scratch its surface.
Please handle with care.
Before replacing the unit
When you perform maintenance or replacement of the parts, make sure to turn off the power and disconnect the 
power plug from the wall outlet.
 Replacement of the air filter unit (side)
1) Remove the air filter cover.
  • Open the air filter cover in the direction of the arrow in 
  the figure and remove it.
2) Remove the air filter unit.
  i) Hold the knob of the air filter unit and pull out in
the direction of the arrow, the top of the air filter
unit will pop up.
  ii)Take out the air filter unit upwards.
  •  After removing the air filter unit, remove large
foreign objects and dust from the air filter
compartment and the projector’s air intake port
if there are any.
3) Insert the new air filter unit.
  •  Hold the air filter unit that the knob is outside of
the projector, perform Step 2) in the reverse order.
•  Do not press the filter part when push into the
projector at last
4) Install the air filter cover.
  • Make sure that the air filter cover is closed tightly
Replacing the unit
Replacement air filter unit: ET-RFV200 
(a pair of air filter unit for back and side)
Air filter cover (side)
Air filter unit (side)
n Air filter unit
Filter prevents dust from accumulating on the optical elements inside the pro-
jector. Should the filter become clogged with dust particles, it will reduce cool-
ing fans’ effectiveness and may result in internal heat buildup and adversely 
affect the life of the projector. If a “Filter warning” icon appears on the screen, 
replace the filter immediately.
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