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 Lamp unit
The lamp unit is a consumable component. You can check the total usage time using Lamp runtime in the Information 
It is recommended to ask an authorized engineer to replace the lamp unit. Contact your dealer.
Consult your dealer to purchase a replacement lamp unit.
 Do not replace the lamp unit when it is hot. (Wait at least 1 hour after use.)
  The inside of the cover can become very hot, take care to avoid burn injuries.
 Notes on the replacement of the lamp unit
  •  The luminous source of the lamp is made of glass and may burst if you hit 
it against a hard surface or drop it.
    Please handle with care.
  •  A Phillips screwdriver is required for replacement of the lamp unit.
  • When replacing the lamp unit, be sure to hold it by the handle.
• When replacing the lamp because it has stopped illuminating, there is a  
possibility that the lamp may be broken. If replacing the lamp of a projec- 
tor which has been installed on the ceiling, you should always assume 
  that the lamp is broken, and you should stand to the side of the lamp 
  cover, not underneath it. Remove the lamp cover gently. Small pieces of 
  glass may fall out when the lamp cover is opened. If pieces of glass get 
  into your eyes or mouth, seek medical advice immediately.
  • The lamp contains mercury. Consult your local municipality or your dealer 
about correct disposal of used lamp units.
 When to replace the lamp unit
   The lamp unit is a consumable component. Brightness decreases according to duration of usage, so periodical 
replacement of the lamp unit is necessary. When the projection lamp of the projector reaches its end of life, the 
lamp replacement icon appears on the screen and <LAMP> indicator lights yellow. Replace the lamp with a new 
one promptly.
Lamp runtime
On screen
Lamp replacement icon
LAMP indicator
Over 2 500 hours*
The message is displayed for 4 seconds. If you 
press any button within the 4 seconds, the message 
Lights in yellow (even in stand-
by mode).
Over 2 700 hours*
If the power is turned on without replacing the lamp, 
the power automatically turns off after approximately 
ten minutes to prevent the malfunction of the projector.
2 700 hours of use is a rough guideline, but is not a guarantee. The lamp runtime differs depending on the setting 
of "Lamp power" menu.
•   Allow a projector to cool enough before you open the lamp cover. The inside of the projector can become very hot.
•  The Lamp replacement icon will not appear when the [Display] function is set to [Off], or during "Freeze", or "AV 
•  Do not use other than designated lamp units.
•  The part numbers of accessories and separately sold components are subject to change without notice
Replacement lamp unit: ET-LAV200
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