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Replacing the lamp unit
•  When the projector is mounted on a ceiling, do not work with your 
face close to the projector.
•  Attach the lamp unit and the lamp cover securely.
•  When you experience difficulty in installing the lamp, remove it and 
try again. If you use force to install the lamp, the connector may be 
1)  Turn off the projector. Unplug the AC power cord. Wait at least 
1 hour and make sure the lamp unit and surroundings are 
2)  Use a Phillips screwdriver to loosen the lamp cover fixing 
screw and remove the lamp cover.
  •  Remove the lamp cover by pulling it slowly toward the direction 
of the arrow.
3)  Use a Phillips screwdriver to loosen the three lamp unit fixing 
screws until the screws turn freely. Hold the used lamp unit 
by its handles, and pull it gently from the projector.
4)  Insert the new lamp unit in correct direction. Tighten the three 
lamp unit fixing screws securely with a Phillips screwdriver
5)  Attach the lamp cover, and tighten the lamp cover fixing screw 
securely with a Phillips screwdriver.
  •  Attach the lamp cover by pushing it slowly opposite the direction 
of the arrow.
•  When you replace the new lamp unit, the projector resets the total 
usage time of the lamp unit automatically.
Lamp cover
Lamp unit fixiing screws
Lamp unit
Lamp cover 
fixing screw
Lamp unit
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