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 Resetting the filter counter
After replacing the air filter units, be sure to reset the filter 
1) Press st to select [Filter counter reset].
2) Press the <ENTER> button. 
   [Filter counter Reset?] appears. Select [Yes] to con-
tinue. Another confirmation dialog box appears, select 
[Yes] to reset the Filter counter.
•  Turn off the power before you replace the air filter unit.
•  When  attaching  the  air  filter  unit,  make  sure  that  the 
projector is stable, and work in an environment that is 
safe, even in the event of the air filter unit dropping.
•  Do not operate the projector with the filters removed. 
Dust may accumulate on the optical elements degrad-
ing picture quality.
•  Do not put anything into the air vents. Doing so may 
result in malfunction of the projector.
•  The air filter unit to be replaced should be an unused 
product.  After  replacing  the  air  filter,  reset  the  filter 
counter. Otherwise, the power of the projector may be 
turned off for safety
 Attaching the lens cap
When moving this projector or while not using it over an extended period of time, attach the lens cap.
To prevent loss for the lens cap, please according to the following procedures, attach the lens cap  with the string 
of accessories. 
Thread the thinner end of the string through 
1 ) 
  the hole on the lens cap.
Thread the other end of the string through  
2 ) 
the hole on the bottom of the projector. 
Lens cap
 Replacement of the air filter unit (back)
1) Remove the air filter cover.
  • Open the air filter cover in the direction of the arrow in 
  the figure and remove it.
2) Remove the air filter unit.
  • Hold the knob of the air filter unit and pull out in
the direction of the arrow.
  •  After removing the air filter unit, remove large
foreign objects and dust from the air filter
compartment and the projector’s air intake port
if there are any.
3) Insert the new air filter unit.
  •  Hold the air filter unit that the knob is outside of
the projector, perform Step 2) in the reverse order.
•  Do not press the filter part when push into the
projector at last.
4) Install the air filter cover.
  • Make sure that the air filter cover is closed tightly.
Air filter cover (back)
Air filter unit (back)
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