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Cleaning the projection lens
Unplug the AC power cord before cleaning.
Gently  wipe  the  projector  body  with  a  soft  dry  cleaning  cloth.  When 
the cabinet is heavily soiled, use a small amount of mild detergent and 
finish with a soft dry cleaning cloth. Avoid using an excessive amount 
of cleaner. Abrasive cleaners, solvents or other harsh chemicals might 
scratch the surface of the cabinet.
When the projector is not in use, put the projector in an appropriate car-
rying case to protect it from dust and scratches.
Cleaning the projector cabinet
Cleaning with air spray
Remove the cabinet top following to “Mechanical Disassembly”. Clean up the LCD panel and polarizing plate by 
using the air spray from the cabinet top opening.
Use a commercial (inert gas) air spray designed for cleaning camera and computer equipment. Use a resin-based 
nozzle only. Be very careful not to damage optical parts with the nozzle tip. Never use any kind of cleanser on the 
unit. Also, never use abrasive materials on the unit as this may cause irreparable damage.
Disassembly Cleaning
Disassembly  cleaning  method  should  only  be  performed  when  the  unit  is  considerable  dirty  and  cannot  be 
sufficiently cleaned by air spraying alone.
Be sure to readjust the optical system after performing disassembly cleaning.
1. Remove the cabinet top and main units following to “Mechanical Disassembly”.
2.  Remove the optical base top following to “Optical Unit Disassembly”. If the LCD panel needs cleaning, remove  
the LCD panel unit following to “LCD panel replacement”.
3. Clean the optical parts with a soft cloth. Clean extremely dirty areas using a cloth moistened with alcohol.
The surface of the optical components consists of multiple dielectric layers with varying degrees of refraction. Never 
use organic solvents (thinner, etc.) or any kind of cleanser on these components.
Since the LCD panel is equipped with an electronic circuit, never use any liquids (water, etc.) to clean the unit. Use 
of liquid may cause the unit to malfunction.
Unplug the AC power cord before cleaning.
Gently  wipe  the  projection  lens  with  a  cleaning  cloth  that  contains 
a small amount of non-abrasive camera lens cleaner, or use a lens 
cleaning paper or commercially available air blower to clean the lens. 
Avoid using an excessive amount of cleaner. Abrasive cleaners, sol-
vents, or other harsh chemicals might scratch the surface of the lens.
After  long  periods  of  use,  dust  and  other  particles  will  accumulate  on  the  LCD  panel,  prism,  mirror,  polarized 
glass, lens, etc., causing the picture to darken or color to blur. If this occurs, clean the inside of optical unit.
Remove dust and other particles using air spray. If dirt cannot be removed by air spray, disassemble and clean 
the optical unit.
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