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Lamp cover switch (SW901)
The lamp cover switch (SW901) cuts off the drive signal to the lamp 
circuit when the lamp cover is removed or not closed completely. 
After opening the lamp cover for replacing the lamp assy, place the 
lamp cover correctly otherwise the projector can not turn on.
Thermal fuse (SW902)
There is a thermal fuse (SW902) inside of the projector to detect the 
internal temperature rising abnormally. When the internal tempera-
ture around lamp reaches near 113˚C, the thermal fuse will open to 
cut off the power supply to the lamp power circuit.
If the thermal fuse opens, the projector cannot turn on. Thermal 
fuse replacement is required.
This projector provides the following circuit protections to operate in safety. If the abnormality occurs inside the pro-
jector, it will automatically turn off by operating one of the following protection circuits.
Circuit Protections
Fuse (F601)
A fuse is located inside of the projector. When the 
ON(G)/STANDBY(R) indicator is not lighting, the 
fuse  may  be  opened.  Check  the  fuse  as  following 
The fuse should be used with the following type;
Fuse Part No.: 423 035 3004
How to replace the fuse
1.  The fuse is placed on the AC 1st filter board. 
  Remove the cabinet top, MAIN&AV board 
  following the "Mechanical Disassembly".
2.  Take the fuse off, and replace the old 
  one with the specified type.
Fuse Part No.: 424 007 3909
SKY-GATE, Ltd. TYPE SG5013008P-R
Thermal fuse 
Lamp cover switch 
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