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Description of Functions and Circuits
Dial Pulse Signal Transmission
Transmits 10pps/20pps dial pulse by a open/close action between Tip and Ring with Photo MOS relay.
The make width, break width and inter digital width for 10pps/20pps can be set respectively.
When making, 37pin (DIAL [0]) of IC203 becomes Low level, and RL3 turns ON. When breaking, 37pin (DIAL [0]) of IC203
becomes High level, and RL3 turns OFF.
It provides the SHUNT control function for the stabilization of line power depending on the destination. Turning ON PC5 when
transmitting pulse reduces the impedance at making, and stabilizes the line power.
Circuit For Line Acquisition
Making CODEC (e.g. pin-37 of IC203, DIAL [0]) Low level, the photo MOS relay (RL3) turns ON and the line is acquired.
It is used in common as Dial Pulse transmitting circuit.
DC Loop Path:
• Ring
• Tip
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