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CODEC Function (IC201, 202, 250, 251)
Infineon PEB2466 CODEC is installed. The analogue features such as BN, frequency characteristic, volume level, side tone are
configured by ASIC CODEC interface DCLK, CS, DOUT, DIN. In addition, the CODEC has an internal I/O port that supports Hook
detection, DTMF detection, BELL relay control and DIAG relay control. Also, it converts A/D to D/A, and 4-line-analogue signal to
PCM code in G.711 format. 
2W-4W Conversion
It converts 4W-VOX signal used in the PBX to 2W-VOX signal used in SLT, and vice versa. It consists of an operational amplifier in
the HIC and a balanced network in the CODEC. It can control the return loss of the audio data and frequency characteristics. By
modifying the CODEC program, it can match the corresponding impedance. 
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