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3 Specifications
4 General/Introduction
General Description
This card is plugged into a free slot on the NCP500/1000 systems and randomly connects up to 16 SLT devices.
This card sends Caller ID signal to extension ports.
Functional Block
Functional contents
Extension Interface
Number of Ports
16 ports
SLT Interface
+30V 30mA Feeding function
Dial-pulse signal detecting function
DTMF signal detecting function
Bell signal issuing function
Hook detecting function
Ringtrip detecting function
2W/4W converting function
Surge protective function
4ch CODEC function
• Test function (Loop back, Tone generation)
• Programmable digital filtering function
• Serial interface function
• PIO function
DTMF Receiver
16 lines for each port
On-board Ringer
20/25Hz 75Vrms
Phase control (Three-phase / Four-phase)
On-board DC/DC Power Supply
Input +15V
Output +5V, +3.3V
Input +40V
Output for Bell ringing relay: +160V, -100V
EC bus interface function
H.100 bus interface function, Digital PLL function
Local bus interface function
Time switch function, Gain controlling function, FIFO/DPRAM function
Intelligent PIO function
LED Display Circuit
Card status indicating LED: Two colors (Red/Green)
External Interface Connector
Extension interface
RJ45 16 port
Caller ID Generator
Mounted Number
Supported Standard
 ITU-T V.23 (1200bps) FSK
 Bell202 (1200bps) FSK
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