HLS 820 (serv.man2) - JBL Audio Technical Bulletin (repair manual)

hls 820 (serv.man2) technical bulletin
HLS 820 (serv.man2)
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Technical Bulletin

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Service Bulletin
 Service Bulletin JBL2001-01 - March 2001   
Warranty labor rate: MINOR repair 
All JBL Service Centers 
Models: HLS Center, HLS610, HLS810, HLS615, HLS620, HLS820 
 Subject: Tweeter Failure, Protection Device 
If it becomes necessary to replace a tweeter in an HLS series loudspeaker, we recommend inserting a 
Tweeter Protection Device in-line between the new tweeter and the crossover network: 
JBL HLS speaker systems have uniquely designed drivers which require special care when removing them for 
service. Please follow these guidelines when removing or replacing the components. 
Tweeter Removal, Insertion of Protection Device, and Replacement 
The tweeter is mounted to the back of the horn with a unique bayonet mounting system that snaps into place. 
Because the horn is permanently attached to the enclosure, it is necessary to remove the woofer to gain 
access to the tweeter. 
Remove the woofer; reach into the woofer hole and twist the tweeter element slightly to the left. Remove the 
tweeter from the back of the horn and disconnect the polarized wires.  With new tweeter in hand, insert a 
Tweeter Protection Device JBL part#  337341-001 in series with the positive terminal.  This has a Faston 
connector at both ends to make insertion easy.  It is recommended the device be screw mounted as shown to 
the inside of the cabinet for additional stability. (Screw not supplied – CAUTION – do not use a screw longer 
than ½” in length) 
Reinstalling the replacement tweeter: Center the tweeter onto the back of the horn and twist it slightly to the 
right until it snaps into place.  Replace the woofer.  
Serial number 
HLS Center, 
HLS610, HLS810, 
HLS615, HLS620, 
All serial numbers 
Tweeter protection needed 
Insert tweeter protection 
device when installing new 
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