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A new TV Repair Assistance Tool that combines ease of use and powerful PC software tools to
allow you to save valuable time during many TV repairs.
The TRACE interface connects to the PC's serial port. It provides
connection to the TV's I2C bus and can be provided with an InfraRed
transmitter (optional).
The interface is powered by a standard 9 V PP3 battery for portable
use, and can also be powered by an external 9V/25mA DC power
The TRACE software that is supplied with the interface allows you to:
With the optional IR Add-on kit, the following features can be added:
Additional features such as Adjustments and Troubleshooting are
available in chassis-dependent software modules. Please contact your
local Sony Service organisation for the latest information.
Read, restore and compare NVM contents via the I2C bus
Acknowledge check of all I2C devices in the TV set
Read Error Codes (emulation of the Error Reader tool)
Remote Commander emulation
User programmable Functional Check through Infrared
Fast and documented Test Mode setting of all Sony TV chassis
Partnumbers: TRACE Starter Kit (TRACE interface + software):
TRACE Software (for users of the I2C Link interface):
TRACE IR Add-on (IR interface + Remote Commander software):
PC requirements: IBM-compatible PC with operating system Windows95, Windows98, or WindowsNT*.
* WindowsNT only supported with TRACE interface
Note: For workshops already using the existing I2C Link parallel port interface (9-948-320-30), this software can be used as well, replacing the
TV Data Handling software (9-948-340-50), but Error Reader and IR functions can only be accessed with the TRACE interface.
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