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Setting of Adjustment Mode
Before performing the adjustment, “Setting of Adjustment Mode”
is required.
[Setting method]
1) Connect the Camera to the PC with a USB cable, and turn on
the power switch.
2) Start the Automatic Adjustment Program, and click the [Con-
nect] button on the Main Menu screen.
3) Turn off the power button of the set when the following mes-
sage is displayed.
4) Once turn off a set completely by pulling a “DC In Jack” (Or
you can pull a Multi-connector).
5) Connect a “DC In Jack” again and turn on a set by the power
button of a body.
Click the [OK]  button on the message screen when the set
6) Upon successful completion of the settings in the Adjustment
Mode, the operation of each button on the Main Menu screen
is enabled.
Release of Adjustment Mode
To finish the adjustment, be sure to perform “Release of Adjust-
ment Mode”.
[Releasing method]
1) Click the [END] button on the Main Menu screen.
2) When the following message is displayed, releasing of adjust-
ment mode has completed. Click the [OK] button in the mes-
sage window to exit the Automatic Adjustment Program.
The Camera switches to the normal mode by turning
off and on the power switch. After the adjustment fin-
ished, turn off and on again the power switch of the
Camera to confirm that the USB mode screen is dis-
Ver. 1.3  2008.06
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