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Ver. 1.3  2008.06
Precautions When Using Pattern Box
1) It takes about 30 minutes for pattern box to stabilize its brightness.
Turn on the pattern box 30 minutes before the adjustment starts.
2) Make arrangement so that the outside light does not enter the chart surface in the pattern box.
Also, place a board between chart and camera, and make a hole at the lens part of the board so that the camera is not reflected in the
shot image screen.
(Adjustment may not be performed correctly due to the influence of outside light.)
Example 1:
Place a box to block a section between pattern box and camera.
Example 2:
Place a board having a hole in front of the camera and cover the pattern box and camera with a blackout curtain
3) Control of color chart
The color chart will fade if it is exposed to direct sunlight or strong light.
Since the fading of color chart progresses even with the light in the pattern box, remove and store the color chart when it is not used.
Remove the color chart and store it.
Store the color chart in a place not exposed to direct light, avoiding high temperature and humidity.
Use the color chart for about three years, and afterward replace it with a new chart.
Pattern box
Front of the lens
Make the hole of the same
size as the lens. 
Make the hole of the same
size as the pattern box. 
L = About 9 cm
Pattern box
Front of the lens
Board that opens hole
to lens part
L = About 9 cm
Cover with a blackout curtain
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