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Lamp Replacement Procedure
Version 1.5
Issue 04/2006
It is recommended that the lamp (sold separately) be replaced when the remaining lamp life
becomes 5% or less, or when you notice a significant deterioration in the picture and colour quality.
The lamp life (percentage) can be checked with the on-screen display. 
For lamp replacement, please consult your nearest Sharp Authorised Projector Dealer or Service
Caution Concerning the Lamp
This projector utilises a pressurised mercury lamp. A loud sound may indicate lamp failure. Lamp
failure can be attributed to numerous sources such as: excessive shock, improper cooling, surface
scratches or deterioration of the lamp due to a lapse of usage time. The period of time up to failure
largely varies depending on the individual lamp and/or the condition and the frequency of use. It is
important to note that failure can often result in the bulb cracking.
When the lamp replacement indicator and on-screen display icon are illuminated or flash, it is
recommended that the lamp be replaced with a new one immediately, even if the lamp appears to
be operating normally.
Should the lamp break, the glass particles may spread inside the lamp cage or gas contained in the
lamp may be vented into the room from the exhaust vent. Because the gas in this lamp includes
mercury, ventilate the room well if the lamp breaks and avoid all exposure to the released gas. In
case of exposure to the gas, consult with a doctor as soon as possible.
Should the lamp break, there is also a possibility that glass particles may spread inside of the
projector. In such a case, it is recommended you contact your nearest Sharp Authorised Projector
Dealer or Service Centre to remove the damaged lamp and assure safe operation.
Replacing the Lamp
Do not remove the lamp unit immediately after operation of the projector. The lamp will be
hot and touching it can lead to burn or injury.
Wait at least one hour after the power cord is disconnected to allow the surface of the
lamp unit to fully cool before removing the lamp unit.
If the new lamp does not light after replacement, take your projector to the nearest Sharp
Authorised Projector Dealer or Service Centre for repair. Purchase a replacement lamp
unit of type BQC-PGA20X//1 from your nearest Sharp Authorised Projector Dealer or
Service Centre. Then carefully change the lamp by following the instructions described in
this section. If you wish, you may have the lamp replaced at your nearest Sharp
Authorised Projector Dealer or Service Centre.
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