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Warranty Procedure
Version 1.5
Issue 04/2006
General Terms & Conditions
Product warranty is offered on the terms specified in this policy, provided that:
(a) The product is serviced by the approved service company.
(b) Repairs or alterations have not been performed or attempted by unauthorised personnel.
(c) The product is of original design and specification.
(d) The product has been properly maintained and operated in accordance with the
manufacturers specifications.
(e) The product is within its stated warranty period.
(f) Proof of purchase is available on request.
(g) The fault has been caused by a genuine manufacturing defect.
Exclusions to Warranty
The following items are not covered by the warranty. Any work carried out relating to these
items will be on a chargeable basis:
(a) Faults caused directly or indirectly by incorrect installation, maintenance or operation.
(b) Accidental damage, misuse, abuse or neglect.
(c) Alteration or repairs carried-out by person(s) not authorised by Sharp.
(d) General wear & tear.
(e) Internal cleaning & maintenance.
(f) Act of God, such as fire, flood, lightening etc.
(g) The supply of fraudulent or negligent information to the Help-Desk or service company.
(h) Cosmetic parts, including cabinet & exterior parts.
(i) Consumable items, including projector lamps & air filters.
(j) Cables (unless faulty-as-new).
(k) Fuses (unless related to an applicable fault).
(l) Batteries.
(m) Use of the product in conjunction with other products or accessories not approved by
(n) Pixel failures within the specification of the product. (LCD & DMD panels)
(p) Installation and/or decommissioning (unless otherwise stated).
No Fault Found
Product returned to the approved service company with no-fault-found, or is found to be
operating in accordance with its specification, will be subject to a handling charge.
Routine Maintenance
Routine maintenance, such as external cleaning, replacement of air filters etc, should be
carried out at the intervals specified in the product operation manual by the reseller (or end-
user where applicable).
Projector Products:
Where these products are used in dusty and/or smoky environments, then the frequency of
routine maintenance should be increased appropriately
Internal Cleaning
Where periodic internal cleaning is required, this must only be carried out by qualified
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