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Service Manual
Copying Equipment / Additional Installation notes for Netware update 1415

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PAS NetWare Print Server - Version 2.5 build 1415 
PAS Version and Compatibility 
The NetWare Print Server add-on requires PAS 2.5 (EE) build 1076 or greater.  
The Secure Document Release (SDR) add-on is not available for NetWare and does not function 
with NetWare printers. 
•  NetWare 5.0 - SP6a is the minimum required Support Pack. 
•  NetWare 5.1 - SP3 is the minimum required Support Pack. 
•  NetWare 6.0 
Several new files have been added that are not 
mentioned in the installation instructions of the 
Installation Guide PAS25-NetWareInstall.pdf.  The file 
containing the install files incorporates the sub-folder 
structure required on the NetWare server making it 
more obvious where each file should be placed. 
File Location 
All PAS files except those in the System and 
Public\Win32 folders can be installed any other volume 
and folder such as NDPS:\SM_PAS (the default is 
SYS:\SM\).  The SM_Cfg.ini file permits you to specify 
the volume and root folder where you install files 
currently found under the SM folder. 
For New Installations 
1.  Map a drive to the SYS: volume on the NetWare 
2.  Extract the files to the mapped drive.  This will copy 
     all required files to their appropriate subfolders. 
3.  Edit the Autoexec.ncf file to add LOAD 
     NWExHand.nlm command to immediately before 
     the LOAD SMRemote.nlm command. 
4.  Read the configuration instructions in the Installation 
     Guide PAS25-NetWareInstall.pdf
Name Path 
SM_Cfg.pd0 system\ 
SM_Cfg.ini system\ 
SMSLMon.cfg sm\smconfig\ 
SMRLMon.cfg sm\smconfig\ 
SMMLMon.cfg sm\smconfig\ 
SMLLMon.cfg sm\smconfig\ 
SMKLMon.cfg sm\smconfig\ 
SMGLMon.cfg sm\smconfig\ 
SMCLMon.cfg sm\smconfig\ sm\PSInit\ sm\PSInit\ 
SMRemote.nlm sm\ 
SMQueueConfig.exe sm\ 
SMQSvr.nlm sm\ 
Smprnlst.nlm sm\ 
Smpce.nlm sm\ 
Smpce.cfg sm\ 
Smgw.nlm sm\ 
SMDebug.cfg sm\ 
SMAcnt.nlm sm\ 
NWExHand.nlm sm\ 
Smsnap.pd2 public\win32\ 
Upgrading from Previous Releases 
1.  unload the NDPS Manager, then SMAcnt.nlm, then SMRemote.nlm 
2.  If your current version is earlier than 1223 then Remove SYS:\SM\PASCFG.DB.  If you 
changed the default port settings in System Manager you will have to reset them – a 
commonly changed setting is “Print, charge later”. This setting permits users to continue 
printing when the Accounting Server cannot be contacted. 
3.  Extract the install files as described above for “New Installations”. 
4.  Load NWExHand.nlm, then SMRemote.nlm, then SMAcnt.nlm, then the NPDS Manager 
5.  Run System Manager on the Management Workstation and reconfigure the SM Gateway 
(identify the accounting server). This is required since you had to remove PASCFG.DB in 
step 2. 
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Known Issues with PAS Client Billing 
•  Workstations must be running the following version of the Novell Client software: 
WinNT/2000 requires 4.81 or 4.83 with SP1, WinXP requires 4.83 with SP1, 
Win95/98/ME requires 3.30 or 3.31 (3.32 is not compatible with Client Billing – you will 
not be able to create new NDPS or Queue-based printers on the client).
•  Upgrading to a newer version of the Novell Client software may require that you uninstall 
and then re-install the Client Billing print providers.  In some cases you may have to 
uninstall the provider files before you upgrade. 
unless the “Client for Microsoft Networks” is installed on the workstation. Some NetWare 
sites do not install this component because it requires that additional Client Access 
Licenses (CALs) be purchased from Microsoft. This requirement has been dropped in 
PAS 2.5.2. 
•  Use SYS:\Public\NWPMW32.EXE to add network printers on Win9x workstations 
because the presence of Client Billing print providers prevents browsing for network 
printers via the Microsoft Add Printers utility. 
Known Issues with Netware 5 
•  NetWare error #718 is fixed by binding IPX to the network card as suggested at 
•  NetWare error #803 is fixed by running the "dbrepair" utility available at 
•  Novell Client 4.7 causes Win2000 Explorer to reset when looking at printer properties. 
Refer to document 10027228 on the web site. Recommend 
version 4.71 or better. 
Changes since previous release 
Installation and Configuration 
•  Added a new file SMPCE.NLM that resides in the SM folder on the Netware server.  It is 
auto-loaded by SMAcnt.NLM.  SMPCE was extracted from SMAcnt to make the software 
more modular.  This permits page-counting changes and enhancements to be distributed 
in the same way as its Windows counterpart, SMPCE.dll. 
•  Added a new file NWExHand.nlm.  
Problems Corrected 
subsequent abend. 
•  NDPS LPR print jobs would record but not print for some printers. 
•  Could not use multiple printer server objects for queue-based printing. 
•  Fixed NDPS issue where SMRemote.NLM would fail to load if NWPSRV.NLM could not 
be loaded.  NWPSRV is only required for queue-based printing and must be loaded 
before SMRemote. 
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