MX-3050N, MX-3060N, MX-3070N, MX-3550N, MX-3560N, MX-3570N, MX-4050N, MX-4060N, MX-4070N (serv.man31). Software Setup Guide PDF - Sharp Copying Equipment User Guide / Operation Manual

mx-3050n, mx-3060n, mx-3070n, mx-3550n, mx-3560n, mx-3570n, mx-4050n, mx-4060n, mx-4070n (serv.man31) user guide / operation manual
MX-3050N MX-3060N MX-3070N MX-3550N MX-3560N MX-3570N MX-4050N MX-4060N MX-4070N (serv.man31)
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User Guide / Operation Manual
Copying Equipment / Software Setup Guide PDF

Read Sharp MX-3050N / MX-3060N / MX-3070N / MX-3550N / MX-3560N / MX-3570N / MX-4050N / MX-4060N / MX-4070N (serv.man31) User Guide / Operation Manual online

Software setup guide
First check the 
following items:
P.  5
With Windows
P.  12
With Macintosh
P.  35
P.  40
Get the CD-ROM ready
Install software
Start printing!
Setup p
※In case the defect of the CD-ROM 
found out, please contact your 
dealer or nearest SHARP Service 
Thank you for purchasing this product. 
This manual provides information on installing and setting up of necessary software such as the printer 
function to use this product from your computer. It also explains how to install the printer driver and 
software when the expansion kit is attached, and how to install the scanner driver. 
When the software is not installed correctly, or if you want to delete the installed software, please refer 
to "
Troubleshooting P.40
 • This manual assumes that the trainer/user has practical knowledge about Windows and Macintosh 
 • For items concerning the OS (operating system), please refer to the OS manual or help. 
 • In this manual, Windows 8® is used for the Windows® environment, and Mac OS X 10.10 is used for the 
Macintosh environment for screen shots and operation. The screen shots may differ depending on the 
version of the OS (operating system). 
 • In this manual, where MX-xxxx is described, please replace that with your model. 
 • Considerable care has been taken in preparing this manual. If you have any comments or concerns 
about this manual, please contact your nearest SHARP Service Department. 
 • This product has undergone strict quality control and inspection procedures. In the unlikely event 
that a defect or other problem is discovered, please contact your dealer or nearest SHARP Service 
 • Aside from instances provided for by law, SHARP is not responsible for failures due to incorrect 
operation of the product and its options, or for any damage that occurs due to the use of the product 
by the user or a third party. 
 • You may not transfer or copy all or part of this manual without notifying the company. 
 • The contents of this manual may change without notice for improvement purposes. 
 • Please use shielded cables which conform to specifications for network cables connected to this 
Illustrations, operation panels and touch panels used in the manual
 • As a rule, peripherals are optional. However, depending on the type of machine, some peripherals are 
included. In this manual, the paper feeder is fixed to the printer. When explaining the functions and 
use of this printer, there are instances where the connected peripherals are different to the above. 
 • The operation screens, messages, and key names shown in the manual may differ from those on the 
actual machine due to product improvements and modifications. 
Information on software version updates and support
 • Software such as the printer driver may be updated. Please refer to our home page for latest software 
and support information. 
 • You will be deemed to have accepted the software license agreement on the homepage when you 
use the downloaded software. 
Software license agreement
 • When the software is installed using the provided CD-ROM, the software license agreement is 
displayed. You will be deemed to have accepted the conditions of the software license agreement 
when you use the software on the CD-ROM on this machine. 
Table of contents
First check the following items P.5
"Software CD-ROM" included in this machine P.6
CD-ROM provided with the extension kit P.7
Operating environment of the computer P.8
Conditions of software use P.10
How to connect this machine P.11
Windows/Display the software 
selection screen (common procedure) P.12
Printer Driver installation P.13
 • Standard installation P.14
 • Advanced installation P.16
 • Custom installation P.18
 • Installing with specified addresses P.19
 • Using the IPP function or SSL function to print P.22
Installing others P.24
 • Setup for sharing printers P.25
 • Installing the driver only P.27
 • Enable options and peripherals P.28
 • Changing ports P.29
Windows/Utility Software installation P.31
Install status monitor P.32
Install the scanner driver P.33
Macintosh/Installing the printer P.35
Installing the printer driver on Mac OS X P.36
Using the IPP function to print P.39
Troubleshooting P.40
Cannot install P.41
Problem with Windows P.42
Trouble with Macintosh P.44
How to setup this machine P.45
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