MX-2610N, MX-3110N, MX-3610N (serv.man181). MX-FR30U FIRMWARE DSK ONLY MX2610N-MX3110N-MX3610N Combined MFP Firmware Version 06.00.A1(Bulletin Only) - Sharp Copying Equipment Technical Bulletin (repair manual)

mx-2610n, mx-3110n, mx-3610n (serv.man181) technical bulletin
MX-2610N MX-3110N MX-3610N (serv.man181)
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Technical Bulletin
Copying Equipment / MX-FR30U FIRMWARE DSK ONLY MX2610N-MX3110N-MX3610N Combined MFP Firmware Version 06.00.A1(Bulletin Only)

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          * Regarding the “ROM UPGRADE (6)” which is notified in T/R No. CCE-1018 issued on  
           April 10, 2012, the information on “SIM55-3” was missing among the additional Soft SW  
1. Model Name:
MX-FR30U(Options for MX-2610N/3110N/3610N) 
2. Description:
Upgrade of ICU-ROM 
From April 2012 Production 
ROM control No. 
G00 0600Ac 
 * ICU above is the version described in the ROM management label.  Check that the actual 
  version is: ICU(MAIN): 06.00.Ac.00/ICU(BOOT): 01.00.Ac.00/LANGUAGE: 01.59.A1.00/ 
  GRAPHIC: 01.00.A1.00/UICONTENTS: 06.00.Ac.00/PCL(MAIN): 06.00.A1.00; by Sim22-5. 
  Item of change: See the attached sheet 
 Note) This report is a T/R for the data security kit option, corresponding to general 
       T/R No. CCE-1008 
          ROM Version History Table 
ROM control No. 
T/R No. 
(5) F00 
2012/2  CCE-1001 
(4) E00 
2011/11  CCE-976 
(3) D00 
(2) C00 
(1) B00 
ROM UPGRADE ..... (6). 
Date: April 10
Model: MX-FR30U 
Ref: CCE-1018R   
Colour: White 
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No. Item 
1 UI 
The feature that the [X] keys indicating the determination of the setting can be 
changed to the [OK] keys has been added to the SOFT SW.   
* As for the [X] keys indicating [Cancel] and [Close], no change has been made. 
SIM55-3  SW No. 28  Data 7 
  0: Disable 
  1: Enable (Default) 
2 UI 
The feature not to use the [Multi Shot], [Pamphlet] functions when reprinting the 
print data stored using the retention function has been added to the SOFT SW.   
SIM55-3  SW No. 28  Data 6 
  0: Disable (Default) 
  1: Enable 
3 UI 
Only when the destination is just one, the feature that the address and the scan 
condition can be retained for a certain period of time with the Scan To Desktop 
function has been added to the SOFT SW.  
SIM55-3  SW No. 27  Data 8 
  0: Disable (Default) 
  1: Enable 
4 UI 
When specifying the [Envelop] as the paper type for the bypass tray, the feature 
that the screen will automatically be changed to the size tab screen has been 
added to the SOFT SW.  
SIM55-3  SW No. 28  Data 4 
  0: Disable (Default) 
  1: Enable 
5 UI 
When detecting the Legal sized original with the scan function, the feature that the 
setting value of "Image Orientation" of the original screen will automatically be set 
to the short edge being placed to the leading edge side has been added to the 
(If the setting is manually switched by the user, that manual setting will be 
SIM55-3  SW No. 28  Data 5 
  0: Disable (Other) 
  1: Enable (USA/CANADA) 
6 UI 
Modification has been made to operate as the setting of "Display Action Panel as 
default" also on the "Job Status Screen". 
7 UI 
The design of the tab being selected on the setting screen has been changed to 
make it easier to understand that it is the selected tab.  
8 UI 
Modification has been made to change the screen automatically to the concerned 
job mode if the registered job mode is only one type when the shortcuts are set up 
for Program (only in Image Send mode)/Contacts/Group on Home screen.  
9 UI 
Modification has been made to display the following message prompting for the 
service call as below if the icon displayed in the system area is pressed when the 
IC card reader connection trouble occurs.  
"IC card reader is not recognized.  Check the connection of IC card reader.  If the 
problem cannot be fixed, call for service"  
10 UI 
If the paper types/paper sizes that could not be output as the offset was selected 
when setting up the Offset, it used to be that "The paper in the selected tray 
cannot be used for the selected mode" message would be displayed and the 
resume print was blocked as a specification.  Now it has been modified to clear the 
offset processing automatically when executing the job. (no message is displayed) 
11 UI 
If the non-standard size was programmed as the original size with the Repeat 
Layout function, the "Setting is not completed" message would be displayed when 
calling up the program.  This problem has been corrected. 
No. Item 
12 UI 
When creating a new button with a long name like 3 lines long as the scan 
destination, the operation panel would be hang up when pressing the concerned 
button.  This problem has been corrected.   
13 UI 
When selecting the program list of the Image Send, in some cases, it took a long 
time to switch the screen.  This process has been improved.   
14 Printer 
When printing, the gradation area of the image might become the dot-like.  This 
problem has been corrected. 
15 Printer 
When printing with PS driver, the drawing position when the print mode was set to 
"Normal" and "High quality" was different from the position when it was set to 
"Fine".  This problem has been corrected.   
16 Printer 
When performing the Direct Print for the certain PDF file, in some cases, the 
characters were missing.   
This problem has been corrected.   
17 Printer 
When performing the Direct Print for the certain JPEG file, in some cases, 2 pages 
were printed for 1file.  This problem has been corrected.   
18 Printer 
When printing with the combination of the Pamphlet function and feeding from the 
bypass tray, if the paper was emptied in the bypass tray, in some cases, the 
machine would not resume printing even though the paper was added.  This issue 
has been corrected. 
19 Printer 
The feature to set the printable area to the same level as the previous models has 
been added to the controller SOFT SW.   
SIM55-3  SW No. 27  Data 7 
  0: MX-2310 series/2610 series/3610 series/4110 series/5110 series Spec (Default) 
  1: MX-2600 series/3100 series/4100 series/5001 series Spec 
20 Printer 
If printing from the certain CAD software when using the external accounting 
software, in some cases, MFP would hang up.  This issue has been corrected.  
21 Printer 
When printing the job containing the MACRO data from SAP, in same cases, 
unnecessary characters would be printed at the head of each page.  This problem 
has been corrected. 
22 Network 
Modification has been made not to finalize the IP address until the IP information 
is obtained from DHCP server when the setting of DHCP is enabled.   
23 Network 
When accessing to the file server with the sever name, in some cases, Scan to 
Network Folder would be unusable.  This problem has been corrected. 
24 Network 
When the application communication kit (MX-AMX2) was equipped, if the 
communication with the external server was disconnected under the condition 
that the [Forward to Application] setting in [Receiving Application Setting] was set 
to "Enable", the Fax job would be deleted without being output.  This problem has 
been corrected.  
25 FAX 
When receiving the FAX, in some cases, the receiving error: NG17-0000 occurred.  
This problem has been corrected. 
26 FAX 
When 3 Lines expansion kit was connected, if the Line1 was disabled and the Auto 
Line was selected, the data was sent with the Line1 even though it was disabled.  
This problem has been corrected. 
Main unit  
The modification has been made not to largely change from the previous value by 
setting up the limitation on the range which can change from the previous value 
when executing the auto registration adjustment.   
In conjunction with this measure, the modification has been made to start the 
adjustment from the center value when executing the forced registration 
Main unit 
With the setting of IC card or the manual log-in by the manual input, using the 
LDAP Authentication, if you attempted the manual log-in by the manual input after 
the IC card was authenticated, in some cases, the card ID was recorded in the job 
log even though it was the manual input.  This problem has been corrected.   
Main unit 
With the setting of IC card or the manual log-in by the manual input, using the 
LDAP Authentication, if you attempted the manual log-in by the manual input when 
LDAP server was down, in some cases, the "Authentication is succeeded" 
message would be displayed even though it was the manual input.  This problem 
has been corrected.   
Main unit 
With the setting of IC card or the manual log-in by the manual input, using the 
LDAP Authentication, if you attempted the manual log-in by the manual input, in 
some cases, it would fail.  This problem has been corrected.   
No. Item 
31 Web 
When the "Sys Log" in the Service Web Page was set to "Enable", in some cases, 
the U2 error was caused by the execution of Reboot from the Web Page.  This 
problem has been corrected.   
32 Trouble 
The U2 trouble that should not have been cleared unless SIM16 was executed 
could be cleared by the power-OFF/ON.  This problem has been corrected.  
(If the corrective firmware for this issue is installed to the machine that U2 trouble 
was cleared only by the power-OFF/ON, the U2 trouble will be displayed when the 
machine is turned ON after the completion of the installation so the appropriate 
process to clear the U2 trouble will be required.)  
33 Trouble 
For the POD1_N jam, the modification has been made not to clear the jam unless 
you open the right door.  (Jam cannot be cleared by the power-OFF/ON) 
34 E-mail 
At the timing of sending the Alert Mail of E-mail RIC, the mode to prevent more 
than one Alert Mails of the same event from being sent out when warming up from 
the Energy Save has been added to the controller Soft SW.   
SIM55-3  SW No. 28  Data 3 
  0: Allowed: Current operation (Default) 
  1: Not Allowed  
35 Option 
When using OSA application, the output trays which should be unable to use were 
selectable.  This problem has been corrected.  
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