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ar-nc1d (serv.man12) technical bulletin
AR-NC1D (serv.man12)
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Technical Bulletin
Copying Equipment / ARNC1D 3D-007 Installation under Novell NetWare 5.0 NDPS and Windows 95 98 using TCP IP

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Sharp Electronics (UK) Ltd., NIS Systems Support
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Installation on NetWare 5 NDPS &
Windows 95/98 using TCP/IP
Model Name:
Note: This procedure is for Novell 5 TCP/IP only.  For Novell 5 Using
IPX follow the procedure in NIS Bulletin 003, Installation under
NetWare 4 NDS IPX/SPX and Windows 95/98.
Microsoft Windows 95/98 CD.
Sharp print driver disks for Windows 95/98.
Windows 95/98 PC with Novell Client-32 installed.
AR-161/200/205, or AR-250/280/285/286/335/336/405/505.
Administration rights to the NDS tree where the printer is to be
It may be necessary to use the Microsoft Windows 95/98 CD during
Items in italics indicate icons, buttons or menu options that are used
during installation.
This bulletin is based on the ARPB2 and ARNC1D/3D.  The
installation steps are the same for the controller models listed above.
Configuration and installation consists of five separate tasks:
 Configure the ARNC1D/3D for the network using the Digital copier
control panel.
 Setup of the NDPS Manager with NetWare Administrator.
 Installation of the printer driver through the Resource Manager of
the Novell 5 Broker, using NetWare Administrator.
 Setup of the NDS Printer agent with NetWare Administrator.
 Installation of the printer driver in Windows 95/98 to enable printing
to the NDS printer agent.
29 November 1999
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Sharp Electronics (UK) Ltd., NIS Systems Support
NIS Bulletin 017.doc
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Configure the AR-NC1D/3D for the network.
Before the ARNC1D/3D can be installed on NetWare 5.xx, the ARNC1D / ARNC3D must
have a valid IP address and subnet mask.  The following procedure uses the Sharp Digital
Copier AR250/280/285/286/335/336/405/505 series as an example.  Complete the following
steps to set the IP address from the Sharp Digital Copier LCD panel.
1. Press the Print button on the Copier.
2. From the Copier LCD panel, press the Online key to take the unit offline.
3. Press the Menu key to enter the Printer Configuration Menu.
4. Press the Network Settings key, then press the IP Address key.
5. Using the numeric keypad, enter the IP Address provided by the network
6. Next, enter the Subnet Mask provided by the network administrator.
7. A Gateway Address may also be entered if one is used on the Network.  The network
administrator should also provide this address.
8. After entering settings press the OK key multiple times to exit each menu.
9. Press the Online key to bring the Copier back online.
NOTE: The procedure for entering the IP address may vary among Digital Copier models
manufactured by Sharp.  Follow the instructions provided in the Print Controller Service
manual for the specific Digital Copier that the ARNC1D / ARNC3D is being installed upon.
The MAP utility provided with the ARNC1D / ARNC3D may also be used for configuring
Setup of the NDS objects with NetWare Administrator.
This bulletin will show how to setup the AR-PB2/AR-NC1D in the SEC context of the
SHARP_TREE NDS tree.  The directory structure will vary depending on the network
1. Login to a NetWare Directory Services tree with administration rights to the
context where the printer will be installed.
2. Locate the executable file for NetWare Administrator (SYS:\PUBLIC\
WIN32\NWADMN32.EXE for Windows 95/98 Clients).  Execute by double
clicking the file in Windows Explorer.
3. Locate the Novell5_Broker object on the NDS tree. Right click and choose
Sharp Electronics (UK) Ltd., NIS Systems Support
NIS Bulletin 017.doc
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4. Click on Resource Management (RMS), then click on Add Resources...
Sharp Electronics (UK) Ltd., NIS Systems Support
NIS Bulletin 017.doc
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4. Under Resource Types, choose the type of printer driver that will be added.  In this case,
    Windows 95/98 Printer Drivers.  Click on Add.
NOTE: For this example only the Windows 95/98 AR-PB2 PCL driver will be shown.
5. Choose Browse to navigate to the location of the printer driver.
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