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ar-m300 (serv.man11) user guide / operation manual
AR-M300 (serv.man11)
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User Guide / Operation Manual
Copying Equipment / ARM300N U Operation Manual (Printer)

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Operation manual 
(for printer operation and general information)
Be sure to become thoroughly familiar with this manual to 
gain the maximum benefit from the product.
Before installing this product, be sure to read the 
installation requirements and cautions sections.
Be sure to keep all operation manuals handy for reference 
including this manual, the "Operation manual for printer 
operation and general information" and operation manuals 
for any optional equipment which has been installed.
While every effort has been made to make this document as accurate and helpful as possible, SHARP Corporation
makes no warranty of any kind with regard to its content. All information included herein is subject to change without
notice. SHARP is not responsible for any loss or damages, direct or indirect, arising from or related to the use of this
operation manual.
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1. The machine should be installed near an accessible
power outlet for easy connection.
2. Be sure to connect the power cord only to a power
outlet that meets the specified voltage and current
requirements. Also make certain the outlet is
properly grounded.
For the power supply requirements, see the name
plate of the main unit.
3. Do not install your machine in areas that are:
damp, humid, or very dusty
exposed to direct sunlight
poorly ventilated
subject to extreme temperature or humidity
changes, e.g., near an air conditioner or heater.
4. Be sure to allow the required space around the
machine for servicing and proper ventilation.
Improper installation may damage this product. Please note the following during initial installation and whenever the
machine is moved.
23-5/8" (60cm)
11-13/16" (30cm)
A small amount of ozone is produced within the printer during operation. The emission
level is insufficient to cause any health hazard.
The present recommended long term exposure limit for ozone is 0.1 ppm (0.2 mg/m
calculated as an 8 hr. time-weighted average concentration.
However, since the small amount that is emitted may have an objectionable odor, it is
advisable to place the copier in a ventilated area.
Moving this machine
Lift this machine at the positions shown in the illustration below and carry it horizontally.
Two people are required to lift and carry this machine.
The center of gravity of the machine is slightly to the left of the center of the machine when viewed from the front. If a
duplex module is installed the center of gravity will be even further shifted to the left. When lifting the machine be
careful to steady it to prevent it from toppling. Also be sure that all covers and the duplex module are securely closed
and latched before lifting.
If a duplex module is installed, do not lift the machine by the module as it may come off causing it and the machine to
Remove the multi purpose drawer and lift at the positions shown in the illustration.
For removal and installation of the multi purpose drawer, see page 4-4. To avoid injury be sure to completely remove
the multi purpose drawer.
Front side
Rear side
If the machine has been placed on a stand/paper drawer:
The stand/paper drawer is equipped with casters for moving. Unlock the adjusters of the stand/paper drawer and
gently move the machine taking care to steady it to prevent it from toppling.
For locking and unlocking the adjusters, see page 0-3.
The center of gravity of this machine is a little deviated to the left from the center. If the machine is not equipped
with a multi purpose drawer or a stand/paper drawer, take care in opening the left side cover (or the duplex
module) not to cause toppling of the machine.
Do not cover the ventilating holes of this machine. Do not install this machine in a location where these holes are
covered. If these holes are covered, heat will not be dissipated and a fire may be caused.
Remove the multi 
purpose drawer 
in advance.
Ventilating holes
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