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A Page Description Language devised by Adobe, for producing graphics and text.  Its
strength however is in the reproduction of graphics.
A printer driver translates the output from the application into a print language that
can control a printer.
On a file server network, a print queue would exist on the file server.  This is where
all print jobs are sent to from each workstation temporarily so that they can be
prioritised and controlled until the printer is ready.  When the printer is ready to
accept the print job, the data is collected by the print server and then forwarded to the
A print server can be running as part of a file server or can be running on a dedicated
workstation.  If a workstation is used as a dedicated print server, this cannot also be
used as a computer for a user.  The print server’s job is to monitor the print queue on
the file server and “Poll” the queue.  Polling the queue or de-spooling is where the top
job of the queue is taken and transferred to the printer.
Printset is a software package designed by HBM.  It is bundled with the network card
that attaches to the AR5132 and can be used to remotely configure the copiers
network card.
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