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A Printer Control Language designed by Hewlett Packard (HP). PCL defines a
standard set of commands enabling applications to communicate with Hewlett
Packard or compatible printers.  PCL has become a standard for Laser and Ink-jet
printers and is supported by virtually all printer manufacturers.  HP compatible or
Laser-Jet compatible means a printer supports the PCL command set. The main
strength of PCL is in its capability for reproducing Text Type Documents. PCL5E is
the latest version of the language.  It supports printer resolutions up to 600dpi or the
printer’s maximum (If less than 600dpi).
A Page Description Language is used in order to tell an Application such as Microsoft
Word what the printed page should look like. Page Description Languages are used as
they offer certain benefits for customers when transferring files across a network.
Two examples of a PDL are Postscript and PCL.
A collection of PC’s connected together with network cards and cables. Each
workstation is equal to other workstations on the network.
PING is a DOS command that can be used to test an IP Address of a device and so
communication to a device through the IP Address over a network.  It is a very handy
command for trouble shooting purposes when a network is using the TCP/IP protocol.
PPD’s are used with Windows NT, Windows 95 and Apple Macintosh computers to
add the basic machine Information about the printer, such as paper sources, resolution
capabilities etc. A “PPD” is a Postscript “Mini-driver” that ads information to the
built in standard drivers within the operating system.  A “PPD” is basically a text file
and because of this, is platform independent.
The  “PPD” that comes with the AR5132 Printer Board does not include all the
features that a Full Blown Sharp Specific Printer Driver such as the Postscript Level 2
or PCL drivers do include.  Reverse Order printing and booklet mode, are two of the
main features that the PPD does not support.
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