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LocalTalk refers to the cables and connectors used within an AppleTalk network on
Apple Macintosh computers.  Because of the slow speed of LocalTalk, it is limited to
the number of devices that can be connected.  Over the years, LocalTalk has become
too slow for graphics and colour image intensive applications, and so users have
moved to Ethertalk.  LocalTalk uses CSMA/CA as an access method in a bus or tree
topology with Shielded Twisted Pair (STP), Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) or even
Fibre Optic Cable.
The MAC or Node Address is a specific address that is programmed into every
network card within the world.  As this address is different for every network card, it
is used by many protocols for determining where data should be sent across a network
and from where it originated.
An Operating System, such as Novell’s Netware or Microsoft’s Windows NT Server.
They provide basic file system services and supervisory functions to computers
connected to a network.
A circuit board that is installed into workstations, file servers and some printers to
allow them to communicate on a network.  The NIC puts data on and takes data off
the network cable.
The resident master control program in a computer system such as Windows 95 or NT
Workstation that provides for the exchange of information between all parts of the
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