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Technical Bulletin
Copying Equipment / AXIS 700-002 Configuring the AXIS 700 for Scanning To File

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Sharp Electronics (UK) Ltd., NIS Systems Support
NIS Bulletin 010.doc
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Configuring the AXIS 700 For
Scanning to File
Model Name:
AR250/286/336/405/505 with AXIS 700 Scan Server
Defining File Destinations
An AR250/286/336/405/505 with an attached and configured AXIS 700 Scan
Server. (Refer to NIS System Support Bulletin 009 for installing and
configuring the AXIS 700).  The IP address of the AXIS 700 will be required.
A computer that is connected to the same network as the AXIS 700, with a
web browser installed. Netscape Communicator/Navigator 2.x or higher or
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 or higher can be used.
Windows operating system CD for the appropriate system that is being set
Configuring Microsoft Peer Web Services on Windows NT4 Workstation
 Access the Network Properties of the Windows NT computer by clicking
on Start, Settings, Control Panel and then selecting the Network icon
and choosing Properties from the menu that appears.
 Click on the Services tab and look for Microsoft Peer Web Services.  If
Microsoft Peer Web Services does not appear in the list of services (as
below), click on the Add button.
 July 1999
AXIS 700
Colour Code:
Orange (C)
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Sharp Electronics (UK) Ltd., NIS Systems Support
NIS Bulletin 010.doc
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 Select Microsoft Peer Web Services and click on OK.
If requested, insert the Windows NT CD into the CD-ROM drive.  Select OK to begin the
Sharp Electronics (UK) Ltd., NIS Systems Support
NIS Bulletin 010.doc
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 Then, follow the prompts to complete the installation of the Peer Web Services, making sure that
the FTP Service box is marked as shown. It should be noted that there are different versions of
Peer Web Services and so the box below may differ. Continue the installation until completed.
When the installation is completed, one or more directories must be specified for use with FTP.
We can now  access the Internet Service Manager program by clicking on Start, Programs,
Microsoft Peer Web Services
 and then finally, Internet Service Manager.
 Double click on the FTP icon and then choose Directories and add the directory to use.
Sharp Electronics (UK) Ltd., NIS Systems Support
NIS Bulletin 010.doc
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 Double click the directory you have just assigned and make sure that both the Read and Write
check boxes are checked.  Click OK to apply the changes and exit the Directory Properties
Configuring Microsoft Personal Web Server under Windows 95/98
Microsoft Personal Web Server (PWS) is a combination of an HTTP (Web) server and an FTP server.
It is included in Win95B (OSR2) / Win98, and can be downloaded from Microsoft’s site for Win95A
(OSR1) users.
Note: When downloading PWS, make sure that the correct language version is downloaded! For
example, English version will not work with German version of Windows 95.
PWS assigns C:\WinShare\ftproot as the root directory for the FTP Server with Read access as
default. If you intend to use this directory for Scan-to-File, you should add Write access. Install the
software and then run PWS Administration as described below. You can also assign other directories
for this purpose if you want to.
 Select Start, Settings, Control Panel.
 Double click the Personal Web Server icon.
 Click the Services tab and check that FTP is running. If not, then select Start to activate the FTP
 Make sure that Automatic Startup is selected for the FTP service. If it is set to Manual, click
Properties and select Automatic.
 Click the Administration tab and then the Administration button. This starts your web browser
and takes you to the Internet Services Administrator page.
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