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11 – 5
5. Check the operation of all switches. If each switch has not activated
with the door closed, loosen screw and adjust the latch hook posi-
2. After adjustment, check the following.
1. In and out play of door remains less than 0.5mm when in the
latched position. First check upper position of latch hook, pushing
and pulling upper portion of door toward the oven face. 
Then check lower portion of the latch hook, pushing and pulling
lower portion of the door toward the oven face. Both results (play in
the door) should be less than 0.5mm.
2. When the door is open, the contacts of the secondary interlock
switch and door sensing switch open within 1.6mm gap between
 right side of cavity face and the door.
3. Monitor switch contacts close when door is opened.
4. Re-install outer case and check for microwave leakage around
door with an approved microwave survey meter. (Refer to Micro-
wave Measurement Procedure.)
Figure C-5. Latch Switch Adjustments
1. Disconnect the power supply cord.
2. Open the door slightly.
3. Insert a putty knife (thickness of about 0.5mm) into the gap
between the choke cover and corner portion of door panel as
shown in Figure C-6 to free engaging parts.
4. Pry the choke cover by inserting a putty knife as shown Figure C-6.
5. Release choke cover from door panel.
6. Now choke cover is free.
NOTE: When carrying out any repair to the door, do not bend or
warp the slit choke (tabs on the door panel assembly) to
prevent microwave leakage.
                               Figure C-6. Door Disassembly
7. Release two (2) pins of door panel from two (2) holes of upper and
lower oven hinges by lifting up.
8. Now, door panel with door frame is free from oven cavity.
9. Remove the two (2) screws holding the door panel to door frame.
10.Release door panel from ten (10) tabs of door frame and remove
the door frame by sliding the door panel downward.
11.Now, door panel with sealer film is free.
12.Tear sealer film from door panel.
13.Now, door panel is free.
14.Slide latch head upward and remove it from door frame with releas-
ing latch spring from door frame and latch head.
15.Now, latch head and latch spring are free.
16.Remove the two (2) screws holding the door handle and the glass
stopper to the door frame.
17.Remove the door handle and the glass stopper from the door
18.Remove theglass stopper from from the dooe frame.
19.Slide the door glass towards the door glass stopper position.
20.Now, door glass is free.
1. Insert door glass into the door frame by reversing the above door
glass removing procedure.
2. Re-install the glass stopper and the door handle to the door frame
with the two (2) screws.
3. Re-install latch spring to the head. Re-install latch spring to the
door frame. Re-install latch head to the door frame.
4. Re-install door panel to door frame by fitting ten (10) tabs of door
frame to ten (10) holes of door panel.
5. Hold the door panel to the door frame with the two (2) screws.
6. Put sealer film on door panel. Refer to “Sealer Film” about how to
handle new one.
7. Catch two (2) pins of door panel on two (2) hole of upper and lower
oven hinges
8. Re-install choke cover to door panel by pushing.
NOTE: After any service to the door;
1) Make sure that secondary interlock switch, door sensing
switch and monitor switch are operating properly. (Refer to
chapter “Test Procedures”.).
2) An approved microwave survey meter should be used to
assure compliance with proper microwave radiation emission
limitation standards.
3. After any service, make sure of the following:
1. Door latch heads smoothly catch latch hook through latch holes
and that latch head goes through center of latch hole.
2. Deviation of door alignment from horizontal line of cavity face plate
is to be less than 1.0mm.
3. Door is positioned with its face pressed toward cavity face plate.
Latch Heads
Latch Hook
Door Sensing Switch
Secondary interlock Switch
Monitor Switch
Choke Cover
Door Frame
Putty Knife
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