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5.  Do not place the oven in areas where 
heat is generated. For example, close to 
a conventional oven.
6.  Do not install the oven in an area of high 
humidity or where moisture may collect.
7.  Do not store or use the oven outdoors.
8.  Clean the waveguide cover, the oven 
cavity, the turntable and turntable 
support after use. These must be dry and 
free from grease. Built-up grease may 
overheat and begin to smoke or catch 
fi re.
9.  Do not place flammable materials near 
the oven or ventilation openings.
10. Do not block the ventilation openings.
11. Remove all metallic seals, wire twists, 
etc., from food and food packages. 
Arcing on metallic surfaces may cause a 
fi re.
12. Do not use the microwave oven to heat 
oil for deep frying. The temperature 
cannot be controlled and the oil may 
catch fi re.
13. To make popcorn, use only special 
microwave popcorn makers.
14. Do not store food or any other items 
inside the oven.
15. Check the settings after you start the 
oven to ensure the oven is operating as 
16. To avoid overheating and fire, special 
care  must  be  taken  when  cooking  or 
reheating foods with a high sugar or fat 
content, for example, sausage rolls, pies 
or Christmas pudding.
17. See the corresponding hints in the 
operation manual.
To avoid the possibility of injury
Do not operate the oven if it is damaged 
or malfunctioning. Check the following 
before use:
a)  T h e   d o o r ;   m a k e   s u r e   t h e   d o o r 
closes  properly  and  ensure  it  is  not 
misaligned or warped.
b)  The hinges and safety door latches; 
check to make sure they are not 
broken or loose.
c)  The door seals and sealing surfaces; 
ensure that they have not been 
20. Failure to maintain the oven in a clean 
condition could lead to deterioration of 
the surface that could adversely affect 
the life of the appliance and possibly 
result in a hazardous situation.
21. Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners 
or sharp metal scrapers to clean the 
glass on the oven door since they can 
scratch the surface, which may result in 
shattering of the glass.
22. Steam cleaner is not to be used.
23. See instructions for cleaning door seals, 
cavities and adjacent parts on page 
24. This appliance is intended to be used in 
household and similar applications such 
-  staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and 
other working environments;
-  by clients in hotels, motels and other 
residential type environments;
-  farm houses;
-  bed and breakfast type environments.
25. WAR N I N G :   T he  app liance  and  it s 
accessible parts become hot during use. 
Care should be taken to avoid touching 
heating elements. Children less than 8 
years of age shall be kept away unless 
continuously supervised.
26. During use the appliance becomes hot. 
Care should be taken to avoid touching 
heating elements inside the oven.
27. Accessible parts may become hot during 
use. Young children should be kept 
To avoid the danger of fi re.
  The microwave oven should not be 
left unattended during operation. 
Power levels that are too high, or 
cooking times that are too long, may 
overheat foods resulting in a fire.
2.  The  electrical  outlet  must  be  readily 
accessible  so  that  the  unit  can  be 
unplugged easily in an emergency.
3.  The AC power supply must be 230-240V~, 
50Hz, with a 10A distribution line fuse, or 
a 10A distribution circuit breaker.
4.  A separate circuit serving only this 
appliance should be provided.
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