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10. If the power supply cord of this appliance 
is  damaged,  it  must  be  replaced  with 
a special cord. The exchange must be 
made  by  an  authorised  SHARP  service 
11. WARNING: Liquids and other foods 
must not be heated in sealed containers 
since they are liable to explode.
12. Microwave heating of beverages can 
result in delayed eruptive boiling, 
therefore care must be taken when 
handling the container.
13. Do not cook eggs in their shells, and 
whole hard boiled eggs should not be 
heated in microwave ovens since they 
may explode even after microwave 
cooking has ended. To cook or reheat 
eggs which have not been scrambled or 
mixed, pierce the yolks and the whites, 
or the eggs may explode. Shell and slice 
hard boiled eggs before reheating them 
in the microwave oven.
14. Utensils  should  be  checked  to  ensure 
that they are suitable for use in the oven. 
See Page GB-16. Use only microwave safe 
containers and utensils on microwave 
15. The contents of feeding bottles and 
baby food jars must be stirred or shaken 
and the temperature checked before 
consumption, in order to avoid burns.
16. The door, outer cabinet, oven cavity, 
dishes, accessories and especially the 
grill heating elements will become very 
hot during operation.
17. Care should be taken to avoid touching 
these areas. To prevent burns, always use 
thick oven gloves. Before cleaning make 
sure they are not hot. When heating 
food in plastic or paper containers, keep 
an eye on the oven due to the possibility 
of ignition.
18.  If smoke is emitted, switch off or unplug 
the appliance and keep the door closed 
in order to stifle any flames.
19. Clean the oven at regular intervals and 
remove any food deposits.
1.  This oven is designed to be used on a 
countertop only. It is not designed to be 
built into a kitchen unit. Do not place the 
oven in a cabinet.
2.  The oven door may become hot during 
cooking. Place or mount the oven so that 
the bottom of the oven is 85 cm or more 
above the floor. Keep children away 
from the door to prevent them burning 
3.  Ensure there is a minimum of free space 
above the oven of 30 cm.
4.  This appliance can be used by children 
aged from 8 years and above and 
persons with reduced physical, sensory 
o r   m e n t a l   c a p a b i l i t i e s   o r   l a c k   o f 
experience and knowledge if they have 
been given supervision or instruction 
concerning use of the appliance in a 
safe way and understand the hazards 
involved. Children shall not play with 
the  ap p liance.  Cl eaning  and  us e r 
maintenance shall not be made by 
children unless they are older than 8 and 
5.  Keep the appliance and its cord out of 
reach of children less than 8 years.
6.  WARNING:  Only  allow  children  to  use 
the oven without supervision when 
adequate instructions have been given 
so that the child is able to use the oven 
in a safe way and understands the 
hazards of improper use.
7.  WA R N I N G :  Acce s s i b l e  p a r t s  m ay 
become hot during use. Young children 
should be kept away.
8.  WARNING:  If  the  door  or  door  seals 
are damaged, the oven must not be 
operated until it has been repaired by a 
competent person.
9.  WARNING: Never adjust, repair or 
modify the oven yourself. It is hazardous 
for anyone other than a competent 
person to carry out any service or repair 
operation which involves the removal of 
a cover which gives protection against 
exposure to microwave energy.
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