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venta (serv.man13) service manual
VENTA (serv.man13)
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Service Manual
EPOS / Registration Manual - July 2002

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Venta POS Software
Registration Manual
July 2002
VENTA Registration Procedure
It is necessary to register Venta Software for use on an End-User site. The
Demonstration supplied by Sharp will allow the use of all functions fully. However
if the software is installed on site a registration must be obtained. This
registration is linked to the :-
Site name
Site Postcode
Site VAT Number
Number of Tills on the system
Option code if there are to be any premium options included
All information MUST be given to obtain a Registration Number
Once the software has been registered an invoice will be sent for the quoted
amount times the number of tills. If a site requires more POS units after the
initial order, please remember to inform the ECR/EPOS department when
requesting a new registration or an invoice will be sent for the total number of
POS units on site.
It is possible however to set up a new customer site by using the “Test
Information File” from the demo application as long as the system details are
entered in “System Parameters” as detailed in the Demo Application. It is also
possible to use the live customer data to test the system prior to registration, the
application will be restricted as follows :-
1.  ALL printouts will print “Unregistered”
2.  Reports will be restricted to the first 50 PLU’s, 2 Departments and 1 Group
3.  On Application Boot the system will report “Unregistered Copy”
N.B Failure to provide this information OR incorrect information being
identified on site will result in NO SUPPORT being provided by the
Sharp ECR/EPOS Support Department and possible legal action.
To register the Software for use you will need to phone or mail the ECR/EPOS
Technical department quoting the details above along with an order number and
the applicants name. The Site Name (System Detail Line 1), VAT Details & No of
Tills (Max No of Tills) MUST correspond to that in “System Parameters”. The
applicant will then be issued with a code number. The following procedure
should then be adopted: -
1.  On each POS exit the application to Windows.
2.  From the START button select RUN
3.  Enter “C:\SAPP\DATA\S2001REG.TXT” and OK
4.  At the screen below the data provided to SHARP and the key given back
should be entered :-
5.  The Venta POS Application should then be re-started, if the details
provided are correct and they match the details in “System Parameters”
NO unregistered message will appear
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