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Basic Controls
Brightness Sensor
Detects the brightness in the viewing environment. (see page 78)
Main Unit
Power Indicator
The Power Indicator will light.
Power-OFF ... Indicator not illuminated (The unit will still 
consume some power as long as the power 
cord is still inserted into the wall outlet.)
Standby .... Orange 
Purple (When “Slot power” is set to “On” and 
Terminal Board is installed. 
Purple (Depending on the type of the function 
board installed, when the power is supplied to 
the slot. See page 90) 
Purple (When “Network control” is set to “On” or 
“Wireless network standby” is set to “On”. Refer 
to “Operating Instructions, Network Operations”) 
Purple (When “Quick launch” is set to “On”. See page 74)
HDMI1 power management 
HDMI2 power management 
 .................Purple (With HDMI1 or HDMI2 input signal. See page 78)
* These functions are not supported by TH-80BF1E, TH-65BF1E, TH-50BF1E.
PC power management (DPMS) 
 .................Purple (With PC input signal. See page 78)
DVI-D power management 
 .................Purple (With DVI input signal. See page 78)
If the power indicator is purple, power consumption during standby 
is generally larger than that of when the power indicator is orange.
Considering COLOR UNIVERSAL DESIGN, purple lights up 
brighter than blue.  
About COLOR UNIVERSAL DESIGN (CUD) (see page 84)
MENU Screen ON / OFF
Each time the MENU button is pressed, the menu screen will switch.  
(see page 60)
Volume Adjustment
Volume Up “+” Down “–” 
When the menu screen is displayed:
“+” : press to move the cursor up 
“–” : press to move the cursor down  
(see page 60)
Main Power On / Off Switch
Enter / Aspect button 
(see page 33, 60)
INPUT button (INPUT signal selection) 
(see page 29)
SLOT:  Terminal board (optional accessories) insert 
slot (see page 5)
The upper side slot is for terminal board with 2-slot 
width. The terminal board with 1-slot width does not 
function when installed in the upper side slot.
USB (VIEWER): Connect to USB memory. (see page 43)
USB (TOUCH):  When using the “WhiteBoard 
Software” from the supplied CD-ROM, 
connect the computer via USB cable. 
(see page 57)
Remote control 
Touch panel IR transmission part
Installed on the four sides of the liquid crystal panel.
80-inch model
1. Name of each part
1.1. Display body
Some of the pages on this section are excerpted from the owner's 
manual, thus the reference page numbers on pages indicate those for 
owner's manual .
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