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Attention when replacing LCD Panel
      (1) Attach a VESA Metal Up (with VESA Metal) to the LCD Panel for repair.
      (2)  As shown in the following figure, please attach beforehand the Clamper for paste included with LCD Panel for 
      (3)  Check that the FFC (from V1-Board) and the lead wire (from Touch Module) are taken out to the outside of the 
      (4)  Two person hold the narrow-side of LCD Panel and raise it, and move to the Cabinet. Since the worker who car-
ries becomes a situation where the circumference cannot be seen, in order that he may guide safely, one person 
needs to do the assistance under movement, and the directions of a place to take down.
      (5) Adjust corner of LCD Panel to the lower right edge of  Touch Panel Fixing Metal as shown in the following figure.
Caution when attaching P PCB Fixing Metal
• The Metal must not overlap the boss of LCD Panel.
• Tightened in order of (1-2), the other screws are free.
11. Remove the screws and then remove the VESA Metal Up
(with VESA Metal).
Attention when replacing LCD Panel
(1) Attach a VESA Metal Up (with VESA Metal) to the 
      LCD Panel for repair.
(2) As shown in the following figure, please attach 
      beforehand the Clamper for paste included with 
      LCD Panel for repair.
(3) Check that the FFC (from V1-Board) and the 
      lead wire (from Touch Module) are taken 
      out to the outside of the Cabinet.
(4) Two person hold the narrow-side of LCD Panel 
     and raise it, and move to the Cabinet. Since the 
     worker who carries becomes a situation where the 
     circumference cannot be seen, in order that he 
     may guide safely, one person needs to do the 
     assistance under movement, and the directions 
     of a place to take down.
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