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•  The aluminum tape and wiring tape included with LCD Panel for repair. When replacing the LCD Panel, please replace the 
sticking parts at the same time.
  *  The specifications of sticking may change without notice and sometimes the parts may remain.
  *  Please stick on the same place as original places.
About the wiring tape
• Please use cutting according to the length of the tape stuck on the LCD Panel before replacement.
• Although the color of a tape is different, there is no problem.
Caution when replacing LCD Panel
• Please be sure to remove metal fittings and attach them to the LCD Panel for repair.
Caution when replacing/removing lead wire and FFC
• Please insert the lead wire and FFC firmly to the back of connector. The shortage of plugs causes failure.
• A lead wire is removed from a clamper if needed.
 1. Prepare the stable level place covered with the soft cloth and sponge for placing LCD Panel.
 2. Remove the USB Terminal Block. (Refer to steps 1 to 2 in “2.5. Replacement of USB Terminal Module”)
 3. Remove the Control Panel (with Key Board and Power Button). (Refer to “2.12. Replacement of Key Module”)
 4. Disconnect the connectors on the LCD Panel side.
 5.   Disconnect the connectors and remove the screws, and then remove the Slot Block and A PCB Fixing Metal (with A-Board, 
Terminal-Board and Speaker Block (L)) at the same time.
Attention when removing Slot Block
• Remove the conductive tape and aluminum tape on the LCD Panel.
• The aluminum tape and  wiring tape included with LCD
Panel for repair. When replacing the LCD Panel, please
replace the sticking parts at the same time.
* The specifications of sticking may change without 
notice and sometimes the parts may remain.
* Please stick on the same place as original places.
About the wiring tape
• Please use cutting according to the length of the tape stuck
on the LCD Panel before replacement.
• Although the color of a tape is different, there is no problem.
Caution when replacing LCD Panel
• Please be sure to remove metal fittings and attach them to
the LCD Panel for repair.
Caution when replacing/removing lead wire and FFC
• Please insert the lead wire and FFC firmly to the back of
The shortage of plugs causes failure.
A lead wire is removed from a clamper if needed.
1. Prepare the stable level place covered with the soft cloth
and sponge for placing LCD Panel.
2. Remove the H1-Board.
(Refer to steps 1 to 2 in “7.5. Replacement of H1-Board”)
3. Remove the Control Panel (with V2-Board and Power
(Refer to “7.12. Replacement of V2-Board”)
4. Disconnect the connectors on the LCD Panel side.
5. Disconnect the connectors and remove the screws, and
then remove the Slot Block and A PCB Fixing Metal (with
A-Board, HX-Board and Speaker Block (L)) at the same
Attention when removing Slot Block
• Remove the conductive tape and aluminum tape on the
LCD Panel.
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