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Caller ID Detect Circuit
Function (FSK signal)
The caller ID is a changeable ID which the user of a telephone circuit obtains by entering a contract with the telephone company to
utilize a caller ID service. For this reason, the operation of this circuit assumes that a caller ID service contract has been entered for
the circuit being used. The data for the caller ID from the telephone exchange is sent during the interval between the first and sec-
ond rings of the bell signal. The data from the telephone exchange is a modem signal which is modulated in an FSK (Frequency
Shift Keying) format. Data "0" is a 1200 Hz sine wave, and data 1 a 2200 Hz sine wave.There are two types of the message format
which can be received: i.e. the single message format and plural message format. The plural message format allows to transmit the
name and data code information in addition to the time and telephone number data.
Circuit operation
Caller ID signal is sent through the circuit via the following path:
→ C501/C502 → C551/C552 → R551/R552 → R553/R554 → IC801 (pin 92, 93) 
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