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Standby Mode Notice
Serial command control 
Network Function
Monitor Out
Audio Out
Direct on
This projector provides 2 types of standby mode, Eco standby and Network standby. According to the standby mode 
"Eco" or "Network", several functions are restricted as shown in the table below. To change the standby mode, use 
the projector's menu "Setting".
 Network .......... Supply the power to the network function even after turning off the projector. You can turn on/ off the  
projector via network, modify network environment, and receive an e-mail about projector status 
while the projector is powered off.
 Eco ................. Select “Eco” when you do not use the projector via network. The projector’s network function will 
stop when turning off the projector.
When "Eco" is selected, several functions will be restricted.
Restricted Function in the standby mode 
 *1   Effective only power-on command.
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