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 Cautions when setting up the projector
 Use the adjustable feet only for the floor standing installation and for adjusting the angle. Using them for other 
   purposes may damage the projector.
 When installing the projector with a method other than the floor installation using the adjustable feet, top placed
   on the floor, or the ceiling installation, use the five screw holes for ceiling mount (as shown in the figure) to fix  
   the projector to the mount.
   (Screw diameter: M6, tapping depth inside the projector: 12 mm (15/32"), torque: 4 ± 0.5 N·m)
 Do not install the projector in a confined space.
   When installing the projector in a confined space, provide air conditioning or ventilation separately.
   Exhaust heat may accumulate when the ventilation is not enough, triggering the protection circuit of the
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