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Be sure to ask a specialized technician or your dealer when installing the projector on 
a ceiling.
The optional Ceiling Mount Bracket is required.
Model No.: ET-PKD120H (for High Ceilings), ET-PKD120S (for Low Ceilings), ET-PKD130H (for High Ceilings, 
6-axis Adjustment), ET-PKD130B (Projector Mount Bracket)
Ask a qualified technician or your dealer to install the cable wiring for DIGITAL LINK
Image and sound may be disrupted if cable transmission characteristics cannot be obtained due to inadequate 
The projector may not work properly due to strong radio wave from the broadcast 
station or the radio.
If there is any facility or equipment which outputs strong radio waves near the installation location, install the 
projector at a location sufficiently far from the source of the radio waves. Or, wrap the LAN cable connected to the 
<DIGITAL LINK/LAN> terminal using a piece of metal foil or a metal pipe which is grounded at both ends.
Focus adjustment
The high clarity projection lens is thermally affected by the light from the light source, making the focus unstable in 
the period just after switching on the power. It is recommended that images be projected continuously for at least 
30 minutes before the focus is adjusted.
Do not install the projector at an altitude of 4 200 m (13 780') or higher above sea level.
Do not use the projector in a location that the ambient temperature exceeds 45 °C 
(113 °F).
Using the projector in a location that the altitude is too high or the ambient temperature is too high may reduce the 
life of the components or result in malfunctions.
Projection in all 360° direction is possible.
360° vertically
360° horizontally
360° tilted
(combination of vertical and horizontal)
The geometric adjustment function is disabled when projecting the input signal 
rotated by 90°. (Only for PT‑RW730, PT‑RW620)
The geometric adjustment function cannot be used when projecting the input signal rotated by 90°. When 
installing the projector, follow the following instructions to prevent distortion in the projected image.
 Use a flat screen.
 Install the projector so that the front side of the projector is parallel to the screen.
 Install the projector so that the image can be projected within the range of shift adjustment by moving the lens 
The 90° rotation of the image can be set in the [DISPLAY OPTION] menu → [IMAGE ROTATION].
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