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  f    Do not install the projector in a confined space. 
When installing the projector in a confined space, provide air conditioning or ventilation separately. Exhaust heat may ac-
cumulate when the ventilation is not enough, triggering the protection circuit of the projector.
  f    Panasonic takes no responsibility for any damage to the product caused by an inappropriate choice of location for install-
ing the projector, even if the warranty period of the product has not expired.
Usable outlet
100 mm (3-15/16") or longer
500 mm (19-11/16") or longer
500 mm (19-11/16") or longer
500 mm (19-11/16") or longer
This projector supports AC 100 V to AC 240 V as the power supply. A grounded outlet supporting 15 A is required 
with either voltage.
The shape of the usable outlet differs depending on the power supply. Following illustrations are examples.
2P/3W 15 A 250 V
2P/3W 15 A 250 V
2P/3W 20 A 250 V
2P/3W 15 A 125 V
2P/3W 15 A 250 V
Use the supplied power cord and ground at the outlet.
Use the power cord matching the used power supply voltage and outlet shape.
  The supplied power cords vary depending on the country or region where you purchased the product.
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