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Cautions when installing
After attaching the projection lens, be sure to attach the Lens Mount Cover.
    Not doing so may cause failure due to accumulating dust internally.
Do not set up the projector outdoors.
    The projector is designed for indoor use only.
Do not set up the projector in the following locations.
  f   Places where vibration and impacts occur such as in a car or vehicle: Doing so may cause damage to internal compo-
nents or malfunction.
  f  Location close to sea or where corrosive gas may occur: The projector may fall due to corrosion. Also, failure to do so 
may shorten the life of the components and result in malfunction.
  f  Near the exhaust of an air conditioner: Depending on the conditions of use, the screen may fluctuate in rare cases due to 
the heated air from the exhaust vent or the hot or cooled air from the air conditioner. Make sure that the exhaust from the 
projector or other equipment, or the air from the air conditioner does not blow toward the front of the projector.
  f  Places with sharp temperature fluctuations such as near lights (studio lamps): Doing so may shorten the life of the light 
source, or result in deformation of the projector due to heat, which may cause malfunctions.
      Follow the operating environment temperature of the projector.
  f Near high-voltage power lines or near motors: Doing so may interfere with the operation of the projector.
  f  Places where there is high-power laser equipment: Directing a laser beam onto the projection lens surface causes dam-
age to the DLP chips.
The projector may not work properly due to strong radio wave from the broadcast station or the radio.
     If there is any facility or equipment which outputs strong radio waves near the installation location, install the projector at 
a location sufficiently far from the source of the radio waves. Or, wrap the LAN cable connected to the <DIGITAL LINK> 
terminal using a piece of metal foil or a metal pipe which is grounded at both ends.
Focus adjustment
     The high clarity projection lens is thermally affected by the light from the light source, making the focus unstable in the 
period just after switching on the power. It is recommended to perform the focus adjustment after 30 minutes have elapsed 
with the focus test pattern displayed.
Do not install the projector at an altitude of 4 200 m (13 780') or higher above sea level.
Do not use the projector in a location that the ambient temperature exceeds 45 °C (113 °F).
     Using the projector in a location where the altitude is too high or the ambient temperature is too high may reduce the life of 
the components or result in malfunctions.
     Do not use the projector in a location where the ambient temperature exceeds 40 °C (104 °F) when the optional Wireless 
Module (Model No.: AJ-WM50 Series) is attached to the projector.
Projection in all 360° direction is possible.
Cautions when setting up the projector.
  f  The projector can be used by installing its top placed on the floor. To prevent the top surface from getting scratched dur-
ing use, it is recommended to attach about a 20 mm (25/32") square buffer material (such as rubber cushion) on the four 
corners of the top surface.
  f  Use the adjustable feet only for the floor standing installation and for adjusting the angle. Using them for other purposes 
may damage the projector.
  f  When installing the projector with a method other than the floor installation using the adjustable feet, top placed on the 
floor, or the ceiling installation with the Ceiling Mount Bracket, use the five screw holes for ceiling mount to fix the projec-
tor to the mount.
       In such case, make sure that there is no clearance between the screw holes for ceiling mount on the projector bottom and 
the setting surface by inserting spacers (metallic) between them.
  f  Use a torque screwdriver or Allen torque wrench to tighten the fixing screws to their specified tightening torques. 
Do not use electric screwdrivers or impact screwdrivers. 
(Screw diameter: M6, tapping depth inside the projector: 12 mm (15/32"), torque: 4 ± 0.5 N·m)
  f   Do not stack projectors on top of each other.
  f   Do not block the intake/exhaust vents of the projector.
  f   Prevent hot and cool air from the air conditioning system to blow directly to the intake/exhaust vents of the projector.
360° vertically
360° horizontally
360° tilted
(combination of vertical and horizontal)
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